2 Delusional Beliefs Of a Happy Life — No One Wants to See The Truth Behind Them

If you dive in them for a moment, you’ll be shocked about how false they are.

Orestis Spanos
Mar 29 · 5 min read

Within our human nature, there’s an innate curiosity that constantly drives us to search for answers. We always seek a purpose while we’re trying to find meaning in it. So, we offer to our dull lives a spark of emotion and a sense of fluctuation.

This pursuit of searching for answers drifts us to reveal many false beliefs. Hence, we separate ourselves from falsehood. The more answers we find, the more we approach a life of truthfulness. Sometimes these answers come from science, which are discoveries about the world, while other times they derive within ourselves, which are answers regarding our existence.

However there are few times, you wish you didn’t know some answers. For, instance, it may have been a piece of devastating shocking news you had learned that shattered your psychology before a job interview. Or it could be an ugly truth you’ve faced too early during your childhood that it left you a fatal stigma.

Truths like those can hurt you so much. Especially If you’re trying to achieve something big or endure a painful life situation, confronting harsh truths makes you break like glass. As an example, I’ll illustrate a scene from the movie “the photographer of Mauthausen”.

During World War II a father and his young son were separated in two different concentration camps. The father was sent to a camp wherein his fate was precondemned. Whereas his son stayed in a more tolerable camp wherein he had more chances to survive. So, when the kind photographer learned that the fate of the father’s kid was defined, he lied telling him that his dad was transferred to a safe hospital.

Therefore, by lying, he gave the child something to hope for. Because how would the son survive all these adversities without having hope, even a delusional one, to keep him motivated?

So, some facts about life are meant to not be truly exposed. Because your psychology and your worldview will fall. Delusional beliefs sometimes, really motivate us to keep going.

Self-Importance Is An Illusion

We live in a world of almost eight billion people. In this endless population complexity, each of us has a very small significance. If you also try to compare yourself in relation to the universe you’ll immediately feel so trivial, so insignificant: We are like a tiny granule of sand in the Sahara desert.

But despite your tiny sense of existence you still feel you are so unique. In your small reality, your problems are so serious, your breakup is such a big deal, and your dreams are the whole world to you.

However, the truth is, no one gives a shit about you. No person is rotating around you, and your dreams and your ambitions mean nothing to the universe. Your reality is a complete illusion. Time shows no mercy, nor does luck. The idea “You’re important” is invalid. You’re just another flesh that has manifested itself as thoughts. You’ll die, for sure, and only if you're lucky at a late age.

Whatever you do, you’re so insignificant. That’s an idea I don’t want to talk about. Neither you do. Because this is how we protect our self-importance as humankind. Therefore we can maintain a sense of meaning in our lives.

Life is Untamable

Everything is possible” is the mentality everyone encourages to possess in order to become successful. However, if you for once, try to measure its accuracy, as a statement, you’ll get very upset.

According to global research, every tenth person lives on less than $1.90 per day — Which means that almost 800 million people are in a state of extreme poverty. The world is generally miserable.

From wars to human trafficking and exploitation, there’re millions of people, that live every day in torture while they can’t do anything about it. They live in unbearable living conditions that they didn’t choose, and they’re being exploited without mercy. If they survive the day is a miracle.

As life proves itself every day, it’s unfair, ruthless, and savage most of the time. But, we are living in our micro-world, aren’t we? Go tell these people that “everything is possible”, while you think, just because you gave your best job interview, you’ve tamed life and you can control anything.

Because let’s be honest. If we approach for a moment the truth, we immediately feel an emotion of helplessness and sadness which is draining our energy and self-belief. All our hopes fade away and our dreams are killed as ruthlessly as the shooters kill people in wars.

So in order to keep moving forward, you need to believe that everything is possible.; When you think that possibilities are in your favor it motivates you and makes you happier, even if it’s a complete delusion.

Final Thoughts

Maybe the only superpower of humans is to make their existence meaningful and important for themselves. To be able to live in their sphere of reality while they feel as they are connected with the world.

We want to believe that we can achieve anything and become what we’ve dreamed of. We don’t allow ugly truths and facts to insult our life-aesthetics because we feel agitated. Nevertheless, I still believe that you should always be aware of the world's problems.

Sometimes our lives need a perspective of hope and faith. You may call it delusional, and it may is. However, part of this self-deception is responsible for our happiness. Because if we give up this misconception and face the truth for once, we’ll become helpless.

So keep believing in some fairytales because, sometimes, if you truly believe them, they become reality

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Mind Cafe

Relaxed, inspiring essays about happiness.

Thanks to Jordan Gross

Orestis Spanos

Written by

I’m an upcoming dentist. I love writing about the psychology of confidence. I also enjoy approaching life in a philosophical but still logical way.

Mind Cafe

Mind Cafe

Relaxed, inspiring essays about happiness.

Orestis Spanos

Written by

I’m an upcoming dentist. I love writing about the psychology of confidence. I also enjoy approaching life in a philosophical but still logical way.

Mind Cafe

Mind Cafe

Relaxed, inspiring essays about happiness.

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