3 Simple Ideas for Better Listening in a Virtual World

Things you can do right now while we’re trapped behind our screens.

Evan Wildstein
Jan 31 · 6 min read
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(Photo by author; advice by Robert Greenleaf.)

What it Means to Really Listen

A former toxic boss of mine would famously berate employees by saying, “You’re not hearing me!” The truth is, everyone was hearing him, but few people were listening.

“The inability to listen may be the most costly of human relations skills to be without.”

#1. Go on mute — it’s a ‘stroke’ of genius.

#2. Speaking of which… let’s think about silence as a thing, not lack of a thing.

“Silence is palpable. It is a kind of subtle substance, which we can almost reach out to feel. And yet it is not there around us unless it is also here within us.”

#3. Listen and take note.

Last Words

“Listening is one of the finest strokes one person can give another. When people have been listened to, they leave the encounter feeling that what they have said has been heard. When people don’t feel they have been ‘tuned out’ and have been listened to non-judgmentally and non-critically, they see themselves as worth of attention”

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