33 Daily Blessings for Living Your Best Life

Look within and give your gifts to the world.

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Several years ago, a good friend of mine decided to drag me out to see a live band downtown. “You’ve gotta see them,” he said. “They’re going to be really huge soon.” I was two weeks away from finishing my graduate degree and right in the thick of final exams. So, I did what any, er, rational person would do. Instead of studying, I went out for the night.

That night, the words said by Charles Kelley struck a chord with me and I haven’t forgotten them ever since. In fact, I’ve used them to reflect upon my purpose and the love I pour into the work I do each day.

It was early May of 2008 this band had just released their first record (one that would soon go 2x Platinum). As the band jammed the night away, Kelley stopped to reflect at one point. He was in Athens, Georgia, home of the University of Georgia, where I was attending school. He was an alumnus and he was soaking up the moment to “come home.”

He looked out at the crowd, thanked everyone for supporting them and said:

Those words from the lead singer of Lady Antebellum were invigorating, authentic and genuine. They sent shock waves through my heart as it became so apparent to me that I wanted to do the exact same thing. It was a special night — a time to remember that we all need to look inward and recognize the unique talents we’ve been given. They’re our gifts to give to the world.

Those words make me realize each day how fortunate we are to live a life that lets us impact others positively. I’m sharing 33 daily blessings that you can use to make the world a better place. In doing so, you’ll help make your own life a bit happier and fuller. Give your gifts to the world.

33 Daily Blessings

  1. Do something kind for someone else that kindles the fire in their soul
  2. Recognize and understand that your talents are unique and meant to be shared
  3. Find at least 15 minutes alone each day to give thanks
  4. You have power. You have the ability to influence the life of someone else. Use it wisely
  5. Find one thing every day that makes you laugh so hard you lose your breath
  6. Put a smile on someone else’s face. Then, find another person and do it again.
  7. Don’t obsess over every one of your thoughts. Take the positive ones in and nurture them. Eliminate the accusing, negative thoughts that hold you back
  8. Tell the person (people) close to you that you love them and look them in the eye
  9. Do one kind thing for yourself (self-care)
  10. Spend 15 minutes reading a book that inspires your creative imagination
  11. Spend 15 minutes writing something that you’re passionate about
  12. Take a deep breath. Then, take another. Don’t hurry through your day
  13. See things in the big picture. Practice reflection
  14. Go for a run in the rain. You won’t regret it.
  15. The next time you find yourself quick to criticize someone else, STOP. Give them a compliment instead
  16. Recognize that you’re running your own race and stop worrying about what others are accomplishing
  17. Don’t put a time limit on your potential to do something great
  18. Think about the way that you define success — make sure you’re at peace with how you view yourself and what it means to be successful
  19. Live without shame. Practice virtue
  20. Keep a notebook with you at all time and re-read these blessings to yourself each day to lift your spirit
  21. Use less technology. Spend that extra time building relationships
  22. Go out to local coffee shops. Soak in the environment
  23. Stop worrying. Seriously — it’s not worth it in the end
  24. Plan your next vacation. Don’t think you have the money or time? Do it anyway. Go somewhere that blows your mind
  25. Spend 15 minutes exercising or doing something physically that challenges you
  26. Listen to a song that you love at MAXIMUM volume and scream out the lyrics like you’re a kid again
  27. Don’t hesitate. Act. Magic is in movement
  28. Motivate yourself by reminding yourself of all the wonderful people and things you have in your life
  29. Live with the mantra, “What’s in the way, is the way,” and conquer your biggest fear
  30. Accept compliments and praise from others. Be humble.
  31. Learn one new thing that will help you grow and dig in with curiosity
  32. Don’t blame yourself for past failures. Forgive yourself
  33. Go out and see that band when your friend tells you to go. You won’t regret it

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