A Powerful Little Story on Miracles

You never know when your miracle will come.

We never know when amazing opportunities are going to come our way. We don’t always know why they do, either. Sometimes, they’re truly gifts the universe bestows upon us. We need to have faith and keep doing our thing.

Two weeks ago, Stephen F. Austin University pulled off one of the biggest upsets in college basketball in the past 20 years. They travelled to Durham, North Carolina, and beat the #1 ranked Duke University basketball team on their home court.

In truly stunning fashion.

It was a monumental upset for the ages. It was everything that makes college basketball spectacular, riveting and special. And yet, it was so much more than just a game.

It always is.

Nathan Bain, who hit the game-winning layup, celebrated with his teammates that night after they mobbed him underneath the basket where he sunk the game-winning shot. But a bigger celebration was to come. Redemption, actually. A real life win, long overdue for people that have lost so much in the past couple months.

Nathan Bain and his family come from Freeport in The Bahamas.

Bain’s family lost everything during devastating Hurricane Dorian that hit the Bahamas three months ago. The storm was one of the most deadly in recorded history to ever strike the Caribbean.

Homes were lost. Belongings were destroyed. Families torn apart.

Some people very sadly lost their lives. It was pure destruction — mother nature rearing its head in the ugliest, worst possible way

Nathan Bain endeavoured to use the advantages that come from living in the modern, technological world, and attending a large university in the United States. His friends urged him to set up a GoFundMe page. So he did.

He hoped to help his family rebuild their lives. On the night of November 26th, that page had only raised about $2000.

The next day, after he hit the game-winning bucket, donations spiked to well over $100K. Today they sit just shy of $150K. A miracle.

The Miracle of Giving

Families will be able to rebuild. People in need will be helped. Life will never be the same in The Bahamas, but somehow, someway maybe some small semblance of normalcy will return. A shimmer of hope for people that have suffered so much.

The power of sports. The miracle of giving.

Think about it — what was the chance that Stephen F. Austin would win that game? They came in as 28.5 point underdogs. In fact, it was the biggest upset against a point-spread in college basketball history.

What was the chance that Nathan Bain, one of the five people on the floor for the Lumberjacks, would get the ball and actually hit that shot? Certainly no greater than 20%, even at that point in the game.

Sports were the vehicle. A national television audience witnessed something truly special on the hardwood that night. And in turn, decided during this season of giving, to share some generosity with Nathan Bain and his family. With the people of The Bahamas. For the greater good of humanity.

The power of giving is alive and well. Remain open-minded and believe. That’s the motto of so many right now still trying to recover in The Bahamas. They hold out hope. They have faith.

We never know when our miracle will come. But one thing seems to be for sure — miracles are real.

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Mind Cafe

Relaxed, inspiring essays about happiness.

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