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An Update About Mind Cafe

What’s going on?

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Hey there,

It’s Adrian here, with a somewhat unfortunate update about Mind Cafe. As some of you may have known, Mind Cafe has been in partnership with Medium for the past few years.

Sadly, that contract has now been terminated. So what does this mean?

Well, first and foremost, we’re no longer able to support an in-house team to manage our editing and submissions — so it’s just me.

That doesn’t mean we’re done, though. It just means things will be a little slower on our end.

  • Writers: Please continue to submit your work and I’ll review it as quickly as possible. The longest you can expect to wait for your article to be published moving forwards is one week.
  • Readers: Apart from our extensive backlog of content here on Medium, we’ll still be publishing here often. But if you want more from us, your best bet is to check out our magazine or our online course, Reset Your Mind.

So that’s all for now. We’re not done here, we’ve just hit a minor bump in the road. All of your support, both past and future, is greatly appreciated. And, moving forwards, just know that every penny spent with us helps us to keep growing and spreading our message.

Catch you soon.




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Adrian Drew

Adrian Drew

Owner of Mind Cafe | Let’s chat on Instagram: @adriandrew__