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Anti-Aging Creams Are Great But Have You Tried What the World’s Oldest People Suggested?

Relax and put down that obsession about how you look .

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We all want to have a healthy and long life that allows us to do things that we like as much as we can. But are anti-aging creams and bombarding ourselves with skin treatments the only way to achieve that?

I’m a strong believer that genes and anti-aging creams aren’t the only sources that lead to a long happy life with fewer wrinkles. And research supports that too. The secret in fact lies in the combination of several wellbeing hacks.

If you’re obsessing about aging and longevity, try these suggestions from the world’s oldest people and decide it for yourself. But first, slow down and relax that forehead that you probably complain about getting wrinkles. Take a few deep breaths in and out. Now you’re ready.

Live Without Attachment

Stress and anxiety are one of the main factors that lead to illnesses, low immune system, unhappiness, and low satisfaction in life. They’re basically the biggest threat to our lifespan. But I hear you asking, while we have currently the most troublesome years of the last decade, how can we live without anxiety?

The answer is to live without attachment. It’s natural that as humans we always aim for more in life. And it gets to a point our happiness is solely dependent on outer factors. There’s no wrong with being happy after we get a promotion or find a life partner. But if things don’t work out the way we wish or we have to be patient about them, we easily lose hope in life.

In 2013, one of the oldest men alive, Jiroemon Kimura (116-year-old) shared in an interview that he lived just for the life itself. There were times he was upset about people departing and things not working out perfectly. But he learned to let go in time after experiencing ebbs and flows of life, and he claims that this is one of his hacks for living a long healthy life. Well, it’s easier said than done. To achieve such a level of non-attachment requires training the brain that is used to obsessing about things.

And meditation is one of the cures for that because when we meditate we have a test ride of real life. As we get comfortable in sitting with uncomfortable thoughts we kind of learn to be comfortable with discomfort in real life too.

Meditate at least 10 min a day and see the improvements in your mentality about life. Attention, though! When we meditate, we expect the life changes to happen right after meditation. Rather, the consistency is what makes the meditation magical after the first boost of happiness fades away with daily tasks.

Keep a Positive Attitude in Life

Do you remember the last time you were crying or upset about a situation? How did you feel in your body? Speaking for myself, my skin gets dry, I feel weak and no energy to move throughout the day.

It’s no surprise because when we carry negative feelings, the stress hormone level, cortisol increases in our body and affects our gut health. This ends up with side effects in our hormones and we see them clearly in our skin as pimples or pale skin color.

Now, remember the last time you were extremely happy? How did your skin look? Your skin was most likely glowing with a livelihood that comes from the joy in your heart. That glow isn’t coincidental. Positive emotions help the skin repair itself, resulting in renewed, healthy, glowing skin. And furthermore, research shows that happy people may live up to 18% longer than their less happy counterparts.

Kimura mentioned that he laughed a lot and chose to live his life as cheerful as possible. And another 116-year-old person, Gertrude Weaver relates her longevity to treating people kindly as how she wishes them to treat her.

And it doesn’t mean we should ignore the negativity that is going on. It means that we can acknowledge the challenges by looking for a bright side in the dark. See them as a lesson that prepares you for what you wish to have in life.

Photo by Antevasin Nguyen on Unsplash

Have a Consistent and Good Night Sleep

We all wake up with swollen eyes and tired under-eye bags when we don’t have a good night's sleep. And we try to fix it with cold exposure, a face mask, or a massage. But if the inconsistent, short sleeping pattern becomes a habit, swollen eyes aren’t the only problem we have. In fact, we may face some health problems that will affect the quality of our life.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults 18 to 64 years old get seven to nine hours a night to support their health. And in 2019, one of the oldest men, Appaz Iliev mentioned that one of his secrets to a long life was to have 11 hours of sleep every night.

Well, that’s a bit extreme for us as we’re living in big cities with massive traffic, long working hours and active social lives. But I believe, we can stick to the 7–9 hours of sleep as The National Sleep Foundation suggests. It’s worth trying, right? We got approval to sleep!

Fuel Your Body with Good Food

What we consume at meals is as important as what we put on our skin.

According to a recent report on the largest study of vegetarians and vegans, people eating plant-based diets seem to have a significantly longer life expectancy compared with their counterparts.

But you don’t have to become a vegetarian or vegan in one day or perhaps ever. Instead, you can increase the amount of plant-based food you consume weekly. Maybe, start with having delicious plant-based food at every meal on a specific day weekly. Or try out a recipe that you like exchanging the meat with a vegetable.

And observe how your body responds to the food. Having a healthy food routine is also about how we eat and how much we enjoy what we eat. Eat mindfully feeling the taste of the food, thinking of how it was cooked, from where it was originated.

When we look at the oldest people, we see that 117-year-old, Sleiman Al-Mal kept a diet based on what nature offered and his rule was “to avoid anything that is not ben­eficial to health.” On the other hand, Emma Morano, a 117-year-old is a perfect example of not being afraid of certain food and enjoying what we eat instead. She mentioned that she loved cookies. No restrictions. Lively, isn’t it?

Get that Body Moving

To me, exercise isn’t only about having abs and big triceps but also how I feel in my body. It’s important for me to feel strong mentally and physically. As I feel mentally strong, I consider myself strong enough to deal with challenges in life. And as I feel physically strong, I consider myself independent and sufficient to carry heavy grocery bags, move furniture around, run fast enough for a bus that I miss without losing my breath.

And we don’t have to wait to take care of ourselves until we age and need support from others. It’s important to start moving our bodies regularly before we see slowness in our system and abilities to move around, says Aleksandra Stacha-Fleming, founder of NYC’s Longevity Lab in an interview.

Even if it’s having a slow walk in your neighborhood, do it. Skip elevators when there are stairs next to them. Squeeze those 2 min heart boosts into your day. Be creative about the way you move. Squat when you brush your teeth. Make it part of your life. When we see exercise as a lifestyle, rather than a punishment for calories we get, it gets much easier to make it part of our routine. And to me, this is when we start to see the results we seek.

Photo by Aaron Andrew Ang on Unsplash

Final Thoughts

These are only tips from people who lived their life authentic to themselves and listened to what their bodies needed. It’s all about having a combination of routines they enjoyed.

Having said that you know yourself better than anyone. Add a few of these suggestions to your routine and see which ones will remain in your personal healthy life recipe.

And last but not least, don’t forget to love yourself on the journey and be grateful for your body to keep you moving in life.

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