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Earn More Money For Your Stories

A new opportunity.

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Hey all! Jordan here.

I am so excited to announce my first ever LIVE STORYTELLING EVENT!!! (via Zoom)

The first 10 people to submit the Google Form below will have a chance to share a story and win money if their story is chosen as the best of the night!


Some Logistics:

How long are the stories?
9 minutes or less

Do the stories have to be memorized?
No! You can read them directly from your screen or paper

How long will the event be?
Around 2 hours

How much per entry?

How much do people earn?
Half of the earnings

How many winners?
Just one

What are these stories about?

When will the first event be?
Monday, June 13th 7pm EST

How many judges will there be?

Who will be the judges?
Three people, not professionals or experts, because these stories are about feeling, not structure, not prose

How is it judged?
How does this story make me feel? On a scale from -5 to 5 with decimals. Average of the 3 scores

How is it being hosted?
Zoom link to be shared at a later date. It is FREE for people to attend

How will participants be chosen?
First 10 people to send in their story via the Google form

How will there be guests?
Myself, judges and storytellers are encouraged to invite the ‘storylisteners’ (audience)

What if there are more submissions than 10?
I hope to have many more events!

Please let me know if you have other questions. If not, get those submissions in!




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Jordan Gross

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