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It’s not bad to hear something more than once.

Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg on Unsplash

An echo is defined as a close parallel or repetition of an idea, feeling, style or event. In personal development, echoes are important because sometimes we need to hear the same advice for the umpteenth time for it to really sink in.

With that, I’d like to echo Adrian’s message about our new amazing community:

Personal development is easier when we help each other. That’s why we’re creating a brand new community of Mind Cafe’s most passionate self-improvers.

On entry, you’ll be welcomed into a vibrant collective of 200 people just like you, all working together to achieve their goals as a united force. Once those 200 spots are taken, the group will be closed to new members.

What else is included?

  1. Access to our Slack community. Here, you’ll meet 199 other people just like you from all different walks of life, each sharing tips and insights into their own personal development journey.
  2. Regular group calls. We’ll be hosting frequent community chats via Google Meets, where you’ll be able to interact with your peers in focused groups about topics of your choosing.
  3. Guest speakers. As well as group calls, we’ll be inviting guest speakers to deliver presentations about different key areas in the personal development sector.

25 early bird tickets are currently available at a discounted rate, so be sure to grab yours while they’re still available by clicking here.

Out of millions of monthly readers, you’ll be part of a core group of our most driven and focused readers and writers. Sound good? Great. Claim your slot here and I’ll see you in the Slack group.

Now to some awesome stories from this week.

Mind Cafe’s Picks of the Week

  1. How to Marry and Have Four Newborns at 60 by Joel Alperson: It’s quite the story. Give it a read.
  2. How a Nobel Prize Winner Proved that Meditation Slows Down Aging by Shivendra Misra: A wonderful blend of spirituality, science, and storytelling.
  3. Emotional Dumping Versus Emotional Vulnerability by Brooke Meredith: Some new concepts in this eye-opening piece!

That’s it for this week. Embrace community! Collaborate! We’re excited to see how we can help you more.

Much love,



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