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How To Kill A Dream (Unintentionally)

Kill them before they kill you.

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17 min readOct 21, 2023


If you’re gonna kill your dreams, it better be intentional.

Unintentional dream-killing ensures that a piece of you will be gone forever.

Maybe you’ve encountered these 15 dream-killers before, and if you haven’t, you will.

It’s my hope that by making you aware, you can make intentional choices around your dream:

1. Politics (the news)

I’m convinced the world is miserable and the media is responsible.

You’d think there’s no good left.

You think, what’s the point of chasing your dream?

What’s the point of trying to do anything of value to yourself and the world when all hope is lost?

You ask these questions as if your dreams have anything to do with how miserable everyone else is. As if the negativity in the world has to bring you down along with it. As if your dream isn’t for you first. As if the plight of the world isn’t the very reason we need more people who won’t feed into its misery.

You make connections that don’t quite make sense because you’re hellbent on upholding the norm of misery.



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