How To Motivate Yourself Every Single Day

Learn to be more productive and produce results every day.

Dayana Sabatin
Jul 29, 2020 · 7 min read
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While some people are obsessed with normal day-to-day activities, sports, friends, shopping — I’ve always been obsessed with productivity.

It all started when I realized I strongly disliked my life — I had little to no motivation to do anything. I had no goals, no plans; life felt pointless.

I started deep-diving into the world of entrepreneurship. I craved escaping my 9–5, living a life on my own terms, and doing the things that truly make me feel good.

Fast forward to now; I live in Los Angeles, I set my own schedule, I wake up every morning motivated and driven to work and produce results.

I always start my day off with some journaling, daily gratitude, and jotting down a list of things I want to accomplish. I get motivated every single day when I see that list because I know that it will inch me closer to my goals.

Before we jump in, I’m going to be brutally honest with you.

Motivation is fleeting; you can wake up one day feeling motivated to run a marathon, write the next New York Times Best Seller, and deep clean your entire house.

The following day, you can wake up feeling like crap, thinking everything you’ve ever done up to this point is a waste of time, and you’d rather stay in bed all day.

I’ve been there numerous times.

Because of that, I’ve realized it’s important to develop certain habits and principles that will keep you going on the days that are on the rougher side.

Here are a few tips and tricks you can utilize every single day to change your mindset and not only get things done — but feel motivated to do so.

Not What — How

Mindset is everything.

If you wake up dreading the day and all of the tasks you have to accomplish, then, of course, you’ll feel zero motivation to do, well, anything.

I used to think my natural state of mind was always grumpy — I’d wake up grumpy for no damn reason. I thought I couldn’t change that.

“It’s just who you are,” I told myself.

However, one thing I’ve realized over the last year is that every single day that you wake up and open your eyes — you’re given a choice.

The choice to get out of bed and start your morning — or lounge in bed for an extra hour and scroll through social media.

The choice to be positive about the day ahead — or be negative and upset about the fact that you have obligations and responsibilities you have to take care of.

The choice to avoid challenges and take the easy way out — or the choice to tackle the challenges and come out 10x stronger and smarter.

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, and if it was, then every single person out there would be killing the game. There’s a reason you have this innate drive in you to succeed — you just need to push past the resistance that is holding you back.

Your mindset is what will determine the decisions you make and the attitude you have when facing difficulties.

A negative mindset can amplify your negative emotions; a positive one can make you feel happy and hopeful.

Overall, your mindset can either limit your potential or liberate it.

Start being more aware of your mindset when you first wake up in the morning.

Gauging how you’re feeling in the morning can set you up for success because you’re actively asking yourself whether or not you’re in a good mood, and if you’re not — you’re aware of it and, therefore able to try and change it.

Try to challenge yourself — if you do notice that you’re in a bad mood, instead of simply going with it, instead try to analyze it.

Why do you feel this way?

What can you do to make the day better?

What can you do to change how you’re feeling right now?

What do you need to feel more positive about your day?

By analyzing your mood, you’re not only able to identify the culprit of your negative mindset, but you’re also able to determine the things you can do to make yourself feel good.

Sometimes I just had crap sleep so I wake up moody, sometimes I just need an extra shot of espresso, sometimes all I need is a flip of the mindset switch.

Identify what you need.

Once your mindset is fixed — the day is easier to take on.

Worst First

There are things to do every day, and then there are things to do. There are also things that you’d like to do, as well as things that you should probably do, and things that you absolutely have to do.

You feel me?

I get flustered when I have to do tedious tasks that don’t align with my goals, but those fall under the ‘absolutely have to do’ category, so what is one to do?

Last week I had to schedule an appointment — an absolute must.

I emailed for availability and was given an impromptu response of:

“Please call to set up an appointment.”

I loathe going out of my way, being on hold for 15–20 minutes, and discussing availability. I would rather get it all done over email or text. It’s 2020, after all.

I put this off all week — and ended up being on hold for almost 45 minutes when I did call because it ended up being on a Friday.

I took the easy road by putting off the things I had to get done, but the easy road always becomes the hard road down the line.

Always do the hardest thing first. Always do the thing that you’d rather leave to last.

That dreadful feeling you get when you wake up knowing you’ve gotta do things you don’t want to — will go away the moment you hang up the phone or finish whatever task it is.

Keep Your Momentum

There’s a saying in MMA that a fighter is only as good as their last fight.

If they lost their last fight, they’d have a harder time winning the next one.

However, if they won their last fight, they’ll be more likely to win again.

The same logic applies to all walks of life; marketing, politics, and academic pursuits.

According to Charles O. Dotson from the Department of Kinesiology, at the University of Maryland — Momentum is a principal vehicle of performance that will significantly augment future success and facilitate goal achievement.

The higher the frequency and the higher the duration — the more likely you’ll have success.

Momentum is something I strive for daily.

When I’m working on something, I don’t like to be distracted nor interrupted because then I have to start all over again to regain my focus — which can slow down my performance and potentially harm the quality of my work.

Momentum has to be created.

Experiencing success can change a person’s perception of themselves as a performer; you could have 2–3 great hours of work, then treat yourself to 2–3 hours off, and your momentum is ruined.

I’ve had multiple occasions where I’ve seen significant progress in my work for a few weeks, so I stopped giving it my all — and lost my momentum and creative drive.

The following have helped me maintain momentum:

  • Making a commitment to practice my craft(s) every single day
  • Time blocking
  • Eliminating distractions

The beginning is always the hard part. However, once you gain momentum, you stop thinking about it, and you just start doing it — when difficulties arise, instead of feeling hopeless, you start to feel confident because you know you can face the problems and come to resolutions quicker.

Momentum is one of the most essential factors for success; if you don’t build the proper work ethic to establish momentum, success will be extremely hard to achieve.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”.

Develop Daily Discipline

You can’t optimize what you don’t have, so if you don’t have any discipline, how do you expect to accomplish 17 tasks in one day?

My motivation stems from 2 things — the life I want for myself, and the discipline I’ve instilled in myself.

I’m disciplined to be productive, so in turn, I’m motivated to accomplish the necessary tasks at hand.

However, if you lack discipline, you won’t be able to cultivate a successful mindset nor accomplish the necessary tasks to put you ahead.

People can get really over-ambitious, it’s not always about the end goal. It’s about the daily things you do to reach that goal.

Start visualizing your goals.

Take five or so minutes to focus your mind on your desires and the things you want to achieve.

Picture what your life will look like once you’ve accomplished your biggest goals and dreams.

How will you spend your days?

Try to imagine how you will feel when you have manifested your ideal life.

Once you have that energized feeling of achievement running through you, visualize the day ahead and ask yourself what you can do to move you closer towards that dream life?

What are the necessary habits you need to cultivate and the mindset you need to wake up with?

By doing this practice, you will motivate yourself to stay on target and accomplish more throughout the day — and weeks to come.

When you make a commitment to taking these simple actions each day — you will move forward with confidence in the direction you want to go in.

The problem is that people say they’re not “motivated” to better themselves so they give up.

Then — they complain about the lack of good and positive things in their life.

So what options are you left with?

Are you going to take the necessary steps to build your dream life by installing the necessary qualities within yourself or are you going to keep complaining?

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Mind Cafe

Relaxed, inspiring essays about happiness.

Dayana Sabatin

Written by

Writer sharing thoughts on self-improvement and relationships. Connect with me: IG: dayana_sabatin YT:

Mind Cafe

Mind Cafe

Relaxed, inspiring essays about happiness.

Dayana Sabatin

Written by

Writer sharing thoughts on self-improvement and relationships. Connect with me: IG: dayana_sabatin YT:

Mind Cafe

Mind Cafe

Relaxed, inspiring essays about happiness.

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