How to Quieten Your Mind by Seeking Solitude

How cultivating the art of solitude can lead to the life you seek.

Charlene Fate
Dec 28, 2019 · 3 min read
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The world can often feel noisy, huge, and overcrowded. More than seven billion people inhabit it — seven billion minds churning out ideas, adding their voice to the conversation and taking up space.

It seems almost impossible to carve out an existence that is original and authentic. How do you make your mark when so many have come before you? How can you be heard over all the noise the world creates? It can feel overwhelming.

When life starts to get loud, I hit the mute button. I take a pause when I need to. Sometimes we need silence to find clarity. I unplug from all the noise. Only then can I start to think, to create and to produce.

Indulging in a little solitude is not selfish. It’s therapeutic.

The Benefits of Solitude

When I was in the military I cherished my lunchtime. It was the only time during the day when I could be completely alone. I relished that time. I needed that time to recharge so that I could finish the day out and then go home and take care of my family.

All the buzzing of people and machines can wreak havoc on your thoughts. It can make you become unfocused, unable to organise your mind. It also encourages hasty decision making.

Every aspect of our lives is affected by the decisions we make. Do you make decisions on autopilot? Do you go with the flow and let circumstances and others make your decisions for you because there’s just too much information cluttering your thoughts? If the answer is yes, then it is time to seek some solitude.

Turn Down the Noise

Silence is my friend. I tune out when I need to by placing my phone on ‘Do not disturb’. The ability to snooze Facebook friends for 30 days has been one of the best inventions for my mental health.

Whatever you need to do to disconnect and unplug from the screaming world, do it.

Objects can be noisy too. Objects take up space, require maintenance and responsibility. The less to fuss over the quieter your mind will be.

Noise is everywhere. The constant refrigerator hum, the dishwasher, the washer and dryer. Throw in a few kids, some video games and the t.v. and your home can become noisier than the outside world.

The world is a noisy place. Chaos thrives when life is loud and moves too fast. Don’t let the tornados of life throttle you and leave you splintered into tiny pieces. Don’t let the noisy winds of the world blow you over.

Prepare. Build your inner resilience by keeping your mind rested and clear. Don’t be afraid to call a time out. Take a break. Embrace solitude.

“In solitude is healing. Speak to your soul. Listen to your heart. Sometimes in the absence of noise we find the answers.” — Dodinsky

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