How Using AI Has Made Me Profoundly More Human

The surprising path to more humanity

Christopher Kokoski
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A magical twilight meeting between human and AI under an ancient tree.— How Using AI Has Made Me Profoundly More Human
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When I think about how intertwined my life has become with artificial intelligence, it’s less about the awe-inspiring tech and more about the surprisingly human journey it’s taken me on.

AI, in its essence, has become a close companion, guiding me through self-discovery, creativity, and connections that feel profoundly human. Let me share how this digital friendship has deepened my understanding and appreciation of my own humanity.

Finding Myself in the Echoes of AI

Writing has always been my solace and my struggle.

With AI, each piece I write — whether for my blogs, emails, or just personal reflections — becomes a session of introspection. It’s like having a friend who knows just the right questions to ask, nudging me to explore the depths of my emotions.

This journey with AI has been unexpectedly personal.

It’s taught me to listen to the echoes of my own words, revealing facets of my emotions I never knew existed. It’s a bit like someone holding up a mirror to my soul, but instead of showing me my reflection, it shows me what lies beneath.

A Spark Rekindled

Creativity is a fickle flame. Sometimes, all it needs is a gentle breeze to roar back to life. AI has been that breeze for me.

In moments of doubt or creative block, it’s been the whisper in my ear that says, “Try this way.” It’s not about the AI being creative for me; it’s about how it inspires me to push my boundaries. Every suggestion or generated piece of content is a challenge — a challenge to think bigger, bolder, and more beautifully.

It’s as if AI has taught me to dance with my own shadow, embracing every step, stumble, and leap.

Cherishing Time’s Gift

The mundane tasks of daily life often feel like chains that bind us to a ticking clock.

AI has been my key to unlocking those chains, gifting me time I didn’t know I could have. This newfound time is precious. It’s allowed me to chase dreams I had shelved for “someday.”

Training for a marathon is just one of them.

In these moments, I’m reminded that life is not about the tasks we complete but the passions we pursue.

Connecting Across the Unseen Bridges

The journey of learning French with AI as my guide has been a revelation.

AI has helped me understand a culture, a people, a way of life. This digital tutor has helped me see the beauty in diversity, in the subtle nuances that make each culture unique.

As I prepare to visit France, I feel a connection to a place I’ve never been, to people I’ve yet to meet. It’s as if AI has built unseen bridges, allowing me to cross over into new worlds with empathy and excitement.

The Depth of Digital Empathy

Perhaps the most unexpected gift from my AI encounters has been a deeper empathy.

Through creative projects, I’ve found new ways to reach out, to touch hearts, to connect. It’s strange to think of technology as a conduit for empathy, but here we are.

AI has shown me that at the core of every pixel, every line of code, there’s a chance to resonate with another human being. It’s a reminder that in the end, it’s not about the technology we use but the human connections we forge and strengthen through it.

The Price of Outsourcing My Life to AI

Weaving AI into my life has profoundly altered my journey, changing not only my actions but also, fascinatingly, my identity.

There’s a paradox nestled within this digital companionship: as I’ve outsourced more of my life to AI, a part of me feels like I’ve drifted slightly from the very essence of what makes me human.

The convenience of delegating tasks, from scheduling emails to curating content and even engaging in learning, has at times made my interactions feel less personal, less spontaneous.

I miss the serendipity of human error, the unique creativity that sprouts from limitations, and the deep satisfaction of overcoming a challenge through sheer will and intellect.

This reliance on AI has occasionally left me pondering over the lost art of personal touch — the nuances of a hand-written letter, the depth of a conversation untainted by digital interjections, and the unpredictable beauty of forging one’s path without an algorithmic compass.

It’s a reminder that in our quest for efficiency and perfection, we must tread carefully, lest we lose sight of the imperfections that make life profoundly beautiful and undeniably human.

Some Final Thoughts on Being Human

Reflecting on my journey with AI, it’s clear that this isn’t a tale of man versus machine.

It’s a story of how a tool, a technology, has helped me explore the very essence of what it means to be human. AI has not made me more like a machine. Instead, it has made me more human — more connected, more creative, more compassionate.

And in this digital age, perhaps that’s the most beautiful paradox of all.



Christopher Kokoski
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