I Got Married (Finally)

It’s not for everyone.

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6 min readDec 1, 2021


Image supplied by author (Pictured: Me and my wife)

Coroni-macaroni didn’t want us to get married.

Well F-You Coroni!

Our wedding got canceled three times because of lockdowns. Nothing could stop us today. It happened.

The photos are a little strange. We got married next to Parliament House. The steps were full of riot police and protestors. The uneducated were protesting about vaccines again. It looked more like a party though.

A few bragged they were there for ‘the drinks.’ A few said they had already taken the vaccine. One guy handed out icy-poles — protestors took one and then sucked on it together with their neighbor (super spreaders).

Unmasked rebels approached us as we walked down the street.

“The police will let you through for wedding photos if you ask them.”

I tried to keep my distance. Coroni was guaranteed to be present amongst the mob. We approached the steps of Parliament.

“Excuse me officer, could we take one photo on the steps?”

Officer: “No. Photos are prohibited.”

Getting married during one of the weirdest times in history comes jam-packed full of lessons. Here’s a few I’ve learned that you’ll find useful.

Getting married isn’t for everyone

Announcing you got married can be a joyous experience. There’s another side though. Not everyone wants to get married.

I have friends who are happily single for life. I have other friends who are happily divorced and never want to get married again. When I told friends our good news it made me feel awkward with certain people.

If you get married or are already married, don’t rub it in other people’s faces. Marriage is deeply personal. For some it works. For others it doesn’t. You do what works for you.

Cheap weddings should be mandatory

Our wedding cost less than $1000. That means we didn’t have to go into debt or give up our life savings to the sacrificial wedding planner gods.

We got out cheap. On purpose.



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