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It’s All in Your Head

Words of wisdom from my favourite audiobook.

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Every few months, whenever I’m stuck in a rut or need a burst of inspiration, I turn to one of my favourite audiobooks. It’s called It’s All in Your Head, by rapper and producer, Russ Vitale.

It’s become a sort of ritual for me. The book is jam-packed full of quotes and insights that always seem to give me just what I need.

By now, I’ve internalised many of the quotes within the short ninety-minute audiobook, but I’ve never really shared them.

So, in this short piece, I’d like to disclose some of my favourites.

“You must work in the dark for your light to shine. Take it day by day. This is a race, yes, but not against anyone or anything else except your own doubt.”

In our infinite comparisons between ourselves and others, we forget one crucial truth. Being better than others is largely unimportant. What matters most is that we can conquer self-doubt and step into our full potential.

How do we do that? By working in the dark, and taking it day by day — according to Russ.

In other words, we need to keep our head down and focus on what we control. Our actions, beliefs, and decisions.

Life is indeed a race. But in the end, it’s only with ourselves.

“Wind blows. You can set a wall against it, you can build up a windmill. The choice is yours”

Bamboo is an interesting plant. It is tall and strong enough to support vast groves and forests. Its core is hollow, allowing it to bend down to the ground during harsh winds and bounce back to full form with ease.

Bamboo’s resilience to pressure serves as a reminder that we should learn to embrace struggle rather than resisting it; we should adapt and adjust to new situations, bending with the wind.

As Michelle Moran explains:

“When a storm comes, bamboo bends. It doesn’t break.”

This is essentially what Russ is saying. Wind will always blow. Life will always present hardships. We can build a wall and watch it blow over, or we can adapt, erect a windmill, and make the most of a bad situation.

“A full pure heart with empty pocket is much better than full pocket of money with no heart.”

Even if money provides us with short-lived pleasure, it is exactly that. Short-lived. A job may well offer £200,000 a year, whilst pursuing your dream to become an artist could be expensive and uncertain.

Either way, what matters most is choosing the path that fills you with passion. That warms your heart and ignites you with passion.

Indeed, the pursuit of dreams is a risky road.

But the alternative, often, is much worse.


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