Its Been a Year since I Left the ‘Influencer’ Life

Here’s why I’ll probably never go back.

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi
Mind Cafe


The author in Stockhol, Sweden

A year ago in July 2020, my phone died. Little did I know back then that this was the beginning of my entire life to turn around.

I had a little above 11k followers on Instagram, all organic. I had been blogging about my weight-loss journey since my undergrad in 2015. I also started travelling during my postgrad abroad and my feed had the most gorgeous pictures from over 12 countries, and lots of solo travel stories.

Loyal followers stuck by for years, names I could recognise from the beginning. Most of my followers came from Quora where I had some fitness and travel-related articles go viral.

So my niche was fitness and travel but bundled around inspiring others instead of shoving my travel pictures as I’m living my best life. The only thing that kept me going were numerous messages that I often received on how I inspired somebody to lead a better version of their lives through simple changes like eating healthy or working out or just waking up early.

I used to upload everything around my life as a story. If I ate healthy food, it had calorie count and macronutrients and the recipe mentioned so it inspired most people to eat clean. If I ate junk, I uploaded it so people know that being…