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It’s Time to Form Healthier Habits

Out with the old and in with the new.

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We are what we repeatedly do, as has been said a thousand times.

Every single action we choose to take is like casting a vote in support of the leader we hope to someday govern our lives. Nothing is insignificant. It all matters in the context of our futures.

The thing is, each of our actions is preceded by a thought. And so really, it is our thoughts that dictate the trajectory of our lives.

And if thoughts are that important, shouldn’t we make more of an effort to ensure that our minds are filled with thoughts that actually benefit us?

Well, yes.

That’s precisely why I created Mind Cafe’s simple but effective Five-Day Reset programme.

What does it involve?

  • Simple but effective habits. I’ll be introducing you to one new habit every single day — a habit that seeks to provide you with more mental clarity and help you to rewire unhelpful tendencies.
  • Detailed overviews. We’ll dive deep into each subject. Some emails are as long as 1,000 words, exploring that day’s habit or principle in full detail to ensure you have a solid understanding before taking action.
  • Daily prescriptions. You’ll also be given a daily prescription — a clear instruction to enable you to implement your new habits.
  • Words of encouragement. I’ll also be guiding you through the whole process, offering you words of encouragement and praise throughout the journey.
  • Quotes and examples. Lastly, you’ll be given plenty of context with quotes, examples and suggestions to help you along.

Small, daily actions to rewire your thinking patterns and carve a better future for yourself. That is, in short, what we’re offering.

If that sounds like you, click here to sign up and I’ll see you there.

Love as always.





Relaxed, inspiring essays about happiness.

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Adrian Drew

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