Mood Boosters: 7 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Mood

#1: Stop hitting snooze

Nick Wignall
Nov 10, 2019 · 8 min read

1. Stop Hitting Snooze

Instead, start your day with confidence by getting out of bed when you say you will.

2. Ask Your Barista How Their Day is Going

Take a little time to make a positive connection with another person throughout your day and your mood will thank you for it.

3. Have a Walking Lunch

Sometimes low mood is simply the result of too much time spent in a stressful environment. If you can break out of that environment, even briefly, your mood will lift as a result.

4. Take a Mindful Music Break

Single-tasking is the ultimate form of relaxation.

If you want to feel genuinely relaxed and calm, give your mind a break and do just one thing, like listening to good music.

5. Text Someone You Love For No Reason

Sometimes the best way to feel better is to get out of your own head and put something nice into someone else's.

6. Jot Down Tomorrow’s Top 3

Your mind will stop worrying so much when it trusts you to remember important things.

7. Conduct an Evening Review

Perspective on our days leads to perspective on our lives.

Cultivate the Habits of a Good Mood

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