Nine Micro Life Hacks I Found on Reddit (That Are Surprisingly Useful)

For regular people, not the cold shower fan club.

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8 min readNov 15, 2021


A lot of self-improvement is grandiose.

That’s why we dismiss the “5 Ways to be Happy” nonsense and click the next article. I discovered a goldmine of micro life hacks on a Reddit thread called “Life Pro Tips,” that you can put into action without too much effort.

They’re awesome rule-of-thumbs that will save you time, money, and make you more sociable.

Say yes to more invites

As an adult if new friends invite you to something say, “Yes.” — Vanguard Anon

Children get lots of opportunities to make new friends. As adults they don’t come around as often.

One of my good friends went through a brutal divorce last year. We tried to invite him to lots of social events. He rarely says yes and prefers to play computer games.

We keep inviting him anyway because occasionally he says yes. The last time he came with us he made a new friend. That new friend has since started going on bike rides with him that has got him out of the house. We’ve noticed he’s losing weight, looking fresher, and in a better mood since.

Don’t underestimate the power of new friends. Say yes to random invitations and you’ll meet new, interesting people.

Think of everything you do as progress

Sent someone a meme? You progressed your relationship. Drew a doodle? You progressed your art skill. Took a bath? You progressed your mental health.

Life is a bank and any time you do anything that brings you joy you’re earning.

Mew Brew

The reason why many of us have phases in life where we feel like we’re making no progress is because we make things too big in our heads.

Of course if your goal is to make 7-figures in a year you probably won’t achieve it. But you can sell one book for $20, even if it’s to your mother. Or you can send one sales email, even if nobody reads it.

It’s important to tell yourself after every small action that you’re making…



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