Seven Powerful Features to Upgrade Your Life

Yes, still you can upgrade your personality and inspire others (if you want).

S M Mamunur Rahman
Mar 12 · 7 min read
Upgrade and skyrocket your personality
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In our current scenario, we take advice from men with money who outdone ourselves. We admire their riches and assume that they are the most desired and beautiful people. We feed ourselves the narrative of money 24/7, believing that more money, therefore, more choices and more power will make our life meaningful.

Who can ignore the role of money to run a decent life? But the moment we start believing that it will bring the ultimate good to us, making us the most desirable and lovely person, we mislead ourselves.

A good person may not have million dollars, and it’s completely okay because goodness has hardly anything to do with money. It takes many other things to create a wonderful personality.

Practicing simple yet powerful attributes day after day gradually leads you towards building an influential personality. It connects you to others and makes your life meaningful.

As Bruce Lee famously said, I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.

If you introduce the seven simple yet powerful features I am going to mention below in your daily life, I promise you will grow as a lovely person.

Your talks will spread encouragement, your presence will energize the audience, you will attract people around you. Wherever you go, you will spread peace, positivity, and confidence.

It may seem cliche and old-fashioned to your modern ears. But remember, the fundamentals always work. So, upgrade your life with the following seven features and spread the fragrance of your personality.

Knowledge: Read and explore to know yourself

First, you have to admit that knowledge cannot only be found in Google or YouTube. So, please stop wasting your time with tons of recommended videos designed to steal your attention.

Go back to fundamental. Read great books and visit places to expand your knowledge. It may sound old-fashioned if I invite you to the world of books when all the apps and gadgets tell you to ignore reading and listen to the audio or video version snippets they offer.

But trust me, when you hold a book between your hands and explore the undiscovered world of knowledge using your memories and power of imagination, you look more beautiful and experience the peace within.

If some apps or something tells you that they will enhance your knowledge within just a few minutes and you don’t have to read the original books — don’t believe them.

Knowledge is not that cheap and has never been. And it will never be your two-minute instant noodles.

Read books and explore new places to expand your horizon of understanding. Visit a place you don’t know and explore its culture and people. It will enrich you in experiences and knowledge. It will help you be more reasonable and open-minded. Thus your personality will thrive.

Honesty: It makes you fearless

In this competitive world, whenever everyone is trying to trick and cheat everyone, the tale of honesty may seem irrelevant. But don’t dare underestimate the power of honesty. It is one of the fundamental and powerful features that can benefit you in many ways.

Honesty gives you confidence. It sets you free from the burden of lies and trickery. And most importantly, it makes you fearless. With honesty, you can turn the table with your side.

You know you have nothing to hide. You can confront anything with utmost courage and boldness if you are honest in your personal and professional life.

Being honest is not a tough job. Speak the truth and do what is right. That’s enough to build the founding stone of an honest and bold life. Remember, honesty is the core ingredient of an attractive personality. It is also the fundamental of a happy and beautiful life.

Compassion: Let the heart speak

Have you ever realized how selfish we have become as human beings? Not only we are selfish to one another but also the environment and natural world around us.

Compassion is a virtue that tells you to be less selfish. It’s the ability to step outside of your self-interest and extend your hands to others. Compassion comes from sensitiveness.

When you are compassionate, you feel what the other person is going through, and consequently, you help him/her reduce the physical, mental, or emotional pain.

You also become compassionate when you speak for the environment and inspire others to reduce environmental pollution. You know that our daily behavior has an impact on other living beings.

To be compassionate is to value others above yourself. To do that, you need to open your heart and feel the other person’s discomfort and suffering.

Loyalty: Without it, no relationships survive

Loyalty is the willing devotion of a person to cause. It is defined as your feelings of support or duty towards someone or something. It is the necessary glue that keeps relationships intact. It is one of the powerful yet mostly ignored features to upgrade your life.

If you want to sustain any relationship, including romantic, family, friends, colleagues, you must be loyal.

If you lack loyalty, your beloved will fly away, your family and friends will feel cheated, and you will be unwelcomed in any social gathering. Your colleagues will not trust you anymore. Both your personal and professional life will fall in jeopardy.

You can be loyal to any idea or belief as well. Maybe you are devoted to religion, spiritual belief, or philosophy.

Being loyal is not that hard. Just be true to yourself. Keep your commitments, offer help to the person who depends on you, show love to your friends and family, and never sugarcoat your feeling.

Be true to yourself, the people around you, and the philosophy or belief you hold. Be a trustworthy, therefore, loyal person.

Forgiveness: Let the burdens go

Our natural tendency is to take revenge on who did wrong to us. It’s tough to forgive someone. But when you forgive those who did terrible things to you, you empower yourself. And it sets you free from the burdens of revenge. You feel good and pressure-free.

Remember what Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”

Forget the past trauma, and forgive the person who caused it. Practice forgiveness. It will be tough, of course. That’s why you need to practice harder.

Don’t nurture your anger and vengeance. Don’t carry past burdens with you all the time. Let it go, and it will freshen your heart and mind.

Forgiving someone may seem very tough, especially when you have the opportunity to take revenge. But please, practice forgiveness. Be a better person than those who caused you harm. Upgrade your life with forgiveness. Enjoy the freedom and peace it provides.

Gratitude: Be grateful for what you possess

Nobody realizes the value of air until it is gone. We float in the air all through our life and take it for granted. But a drowning man knows the value air provides. Often we fail to realize what we have in our hands.

Your mind gets clouded with future-expectations and past-regrets. You are so focused on the next thing that you hardly acknowledge and appreciate what you possess right now.

Gratitude can make you grounded. Be grateful for what you have and show gratefulness to the people who helped you to reach you here.

Maybe you are in a bad situation, and you think there is nothing to be grateful for. But who knows, it could have been worse.

See the destitute people on the streets, visit hospitals, look at the faces you encounter; people are suffering from numerous problems. They are in a continuous struggle. It’s not just you who failed in many endeavors — it’s the same for most people. So, never take everything for granted.

Be grateful that you are in sound physical and mental health. Show gratitude towards those continuously helping you in your day-to-day life and making it smoother.

Empathy: Put on someone else’s shoes

Empathy has become a buzzword as business leaders, education experts, and influencers are spreading it everywhere. It is the ability to put on someone’s shoes, intending to understand their feelings and perspectives and thus guiding your actions towards him/her.

Being empathetic means shaving off your ego. Your ego is your ultimate enemy. It makes you the center of your world, telling you that you are a special case.

But when you put on another person’s shoes and try to experience the world from his/her point of view, you understand what life is for him/her. You realize his emotions and then act accordingly. You no longer consider yourself the center of your world. You become a more sensible, compassionate, reasonable person.

You can cultivate empathy — by showing genuine curiosity towards others, challenging the prejudices, and discovering commonalities among people, listening patiently, and opening up yourself to the other person.

Empathy upgrades your daily life by giving you a new perspective. It provides you many lenses to see the world from different angles. Consequently, you become a person with a great personality.

To Conclude

In this era of relentless competition, the above features can take you many steps ahead in your life. They can reshape your personality in a way that people feel comfortable and inspired around you.

So, upgrade your life with knowledge, honesty, compassion, loyalty, forgiveness, gratitude, and empathy. Enrich yourself and inspire others to do the same.

Be a wonderful person and have a meaningful life.

Thank you for reading.

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