The Mind-Altering Power of Looking Up

Beauty can be found wherever you take the time to see it — just look up.

Andrew Recinos
Aug 23 · 3 min read

I was lucky enough to get seven weeks off from work this summer. Even though I am back in the rat race now, there is one aspect of that extended vacation I happily keep with me every day. I’ve learned to love and appreciate clouds.

I know, I know, that is absolutely the most new-age-garbagey thing I’ve ever written.

I’m sorry.

But it’s true! I just happened to visit a lot of places that featured amazing clouds. Check it out:

Iceland- the land of fire and ice also has some amazing clouds…
A steeple in Cambridge, enveloped in heavenly clouds
Parker’s Peace (Also in Cambridge) showing off some sunset clouds
My mom loving some early summer clouds somewhere in Northern England…
In addition to kicking off the industrial revolution, Manchester can have some amazing clouds.
I thought England had a lock on clouds, but OMG Western Ireland
Especially at sunset (in this case in tiny Kenmare)

But it turns out the rest of Europe knows a thing or two about clouds…

Like these in Budapest, Hungary
Or these in Vienna…

And that was before we sailed along the Danube through Austria’s Wachau Valley which was apparently invented specifically as a foreground for cloud formations:

And even on days without sun, like this one near Salzburg, the clouds were amazing…

This photo was literally taken at a REST STOP in Austria.

And while I didn’t think the cloud situation could get any better, Germany showed off atmospherics that couldn’t be ignored…

And so I returned to boring old Oregon, having been dazzled by so many Euro-clouds. Ho-hum. Maybe my obsession with clouds had less to do with my travels, and more to do with my state of mind.

Was this sabbatical really about visiting unusually beautiful locations, or was it about having the time to see beauty wherever I happened to be?

Could I actually see amazing beauty at any moment, regardless of the location?

The answer is in this picture. Of my home. In boring old Oregon:

The answer is yes. Beauty can be found wherever you take the time to see it, if only you stop to notice.

Mind Cafe

Relaxed, inspiring essays about happiness.

Andrew Recinos

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Fellow Human. Traveler. Husband. Dad. Son. President of Tessitura Network.

Mind Cafe

Mind Cafe

Relaxed, inspiring essays about happiness.

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