The Small Changes You Make Today Can Change Your Life

A small change, repeated every day, can change everything.

Spencer Sekulin
Feb 13 · 3 min read
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“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” — Confucius

When the world, especially social media, is obsessed with sudden and enormous leaps and bounds, instant fame, overnight fortune, and so on, the real agent of life-long change is forgotten — the power of small, consistent actions, day by day.

Though there is a place for big, radical changes, there’s also a place for the small ones.

Small changes can be just as powerful as big ones, if not more powerful. Why? Because they’re more sustainable, and they accumulate over time. Call it compounding. Call it a daily investment towards something big.

“Small changes can make huge destination differences.” — Sean Covey

Most of the great things in our lives are the result of small changes repeated consistently:

  • How do you get back into shape? By doing a marathon right off the bat? Hardly. You start small, and build on it every day.
  • How do you build a fortune? By small increments every day.
  • How do you write a book? By sitting down and writing a seemingly small -amount of words every day.
  • How do you build a relationship? Through those little changes you make daily, in words, glances, deeds, and smiles.
  • How do you become great at anything? By learning every day. By changing yourself every day, in small ways, molding yourself into the person worthy of being called a master of the craft.

With these you get the added benefit of habit. Big changes are much harder to make into habits, but small ones are easier. Each small change becomes a habit and grows into something massive. In a year, where will it be?

Where will someone be in a year if he consistently added small exercises each day?

Where would a writer be if she changed her routine and ensured she wrote a few words more each day until she reached that 2000-word a day goal?

Where would a father be if he changed a little every day the time he spent so he could give more to his children?

“Small steps can help people make big changes to achieve what they really desire. That wish isn’t going to go anywhere unless you do something about it. Every day, just do one thing. At the end of six months, you’ll be somewhere.” — Marlo Thomas

You get the idea. Small changes. Not big changes.

Big ones may seem awesome, and they can be, but most of the time they fall flat — they’re not sustainable to the point that they become a habit. A small one, however, can get the foot in the door, and when it becomes a habit? That’s when the big things can start rolling in.

As Anil Ozsoy wrote, it’s the butterfly effect, and be it in business or personal life, it can make a huge different.

So ask yourself:

  • What small change can you make today that will shape your tomorrow?
  • What small thing can you begin nurturing into a habit?
  • What in your life do you want to change? What small step can you take today to get there?
  • What difference will you make that may ripple through the rest of your life?

Small changes, when given consistency, yield big results.

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Relaxed, inspiring essays about happiness.

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