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The Strangest Places

Because you can find lessons anywhere.

Photo by Marten Newhall on Unsplash

To get outside my comfort zone, I once took a swing dancing class.

I grew increasingly frustrated because I wasn’t the best dancer — nowhere near it — and apparently my frustration was evident. My teacher came over to me and asked what was up.

After telling him I was just annoyed because I didn’t like to be bad at anything, he told me,

“Dancing isn’t about good or bad. Like life, it’s about cadence. It follows a sequence and asks you to keep up in the best way you possibly can. It doesn’t ask you to be the best.”

Nobody can be the best at life. There are too many factors. Try to be better today than you were yesterday. That will help you follow life’s unpredictable cadence to the best of your ability.

Lessons can be learned anywhere. So long as you give yourself the freedom to learn.

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Founder Appreciation

Mind Cafe takes work. Creating a community of avid self-improvers takes work. And nobody puts more work into this mission of helping you improve your life than our founder, Adrian Drew.

So please, by either leaving a comment on this letter, or by emailing us (adrian@mindcafe.co or jordan@mindcafe.co) a simple message of gratitude, join me in thanking Adrian for making this world a little bit happier and more inspired today than it was yesterday.

Much love!



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Jordan Gross

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