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What Matters Most

A friendly reminder.

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Many of us overcomplicate life, I think.

Amidst the infinite thoughts racing through our heads at any given moment, we lose sight of what matters most. Namely, being truly at one with the present.

Stick with me here. You’ve heard it a million times, I know. We all have.

But this morning, I realised it. True happiness can only ever be found right here, right now, in this very moment.

Today was one of those rare days in England wherein the sun rears its head and pierces through the clouds. And, like every other Brit, my friends and I drove straight to the nearest field and basked in the warmth all day.

Lying there, in an otherwise serene and blissful moment, my mind was chaotic.

  • ‘Don’t forget to run through your accounts later for Katie.’
  • ‘Rememeber to pick your brother up from school at three thirty.’
  • ‘Make sure you pay off that invoice before the end of the day’.

And then I stopped.

Not one of those tasks needed to concern me at this moment in time. So I popped them onto a notepad and set them aside.

I stretched my arms out, lay back, and made a conscious effort to root my focus solely in the here and now.

Perhaps we should all make more of an effort to do the same thing. That is, to unplug from the incessant chatter inside our minds every once in a while and return to what matters most.

This moment. And it will only ever be this moment.


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