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You Can Now Access Our Magazines Digitally

You asked, we listened. All of our magazines are now available in digital format as well as print.


A couple of days ago, we sent out a short survey asking you, our beloved readers, what types of content you’d like to see from Mind Cafe.

Of the most popular answers, YouTube videos, online courses, and digital magazines were the three that received the most votes.

And so, as promised, we’re bringing them all to you! Videos and courses will, of course,take us a little longer to produce, but for now:

You can access all editions of our print magazine in digital format using this link.

(They’re also considerably less expensive than our print publications, too, at only $4.99 for each digital copy. And you can access edition five, which is now sold out in print.)

That’s all for now, but keep an eye out for emails in the coming months as we’ll be letting you know as and when the new content you requested is released publicly.

Take it easy.





Relaxed, inspiring essays about happiness.

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