Asha Jadeja Motwani

Asha Jadeja Motwani is a true visionary of education. She was the founder and managing director of Dot Edu Ventures along with her husband Rajeev Motwani. Watching her talk at the TiEcon in 2015, I felt that every other sentence is a quotable statement about the state of EdTech today. So I’ve quoted her below. It should serve as a reminder to think big!

“There are serious cracks in institutional learning. A serious untethering of learning.”

“What makes us human is the knowledge that we have, how we use that knowledge and how we get that knowledge. In order for that knowledge to help us be our best selves, that knowledge needs to come from self-driven hunger. From self-driven learning. From self-driven exploration. And failing and learning again. And that cannot help when we have someone telling us what we need to learn.”

“In the third-world we have a huge advantage. It’s the most exciting time in the developing world as far as learning goes, because poverty is a huge advantage for us! We don’t need to worry about legislators, we don’t need to worry about the institutional ball-and-chain.”

“Those of us who have the good fortune to not worry about the cost of education, what we do for our children is try to impart learning to them, which helps them be happy.”

“Learning is very different from a world where we see huge consumption as a way of being. And now a lot of studies are showing that with minimal consumption we can still be very happy and very productive and have meaningful lives of purpose, devoted to giving back. That doesn’t have to start at age 50. That can start at age 20 or even earlier.”

“I’ve reached a point where I just feel like those of us who can afford to do ‘moonshot’ kind of thinking, or ‘exponential’ thinking — we should say don’t even speak about schools and colleges. They’re history.“

“What would I invest in? Anything that meets the human impulse to be free. Free of the massive amount of our material stuff, massive amounts of need-wants. Anything that sets us free to be aspiring to higher ways of living and leading a more meaningful and purposeful lives. Anything that enables that in the education space is going to hit it big.”