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Reaching weightlessness as the next step of human evolution

Defying gravity is the ultimate human's enjoyment.

I hear a lot of discussion about whether humans have stopped evolving. Problem is that when it comes to evolution, we are often thinking of physical forms, like losing a tail or a small toe, in the period of several millions of years. We rarely notice the development of our consciousness, which is rather drastic in the last few centuries.

One of the best ways to judge the level of consciousness is to look into eyes. The eyes are so-called a soul window, and they tell us how developed that person or animal is. Less developed consciousness have usually more fear and anxiety in their eyes.

I was checking one day a picture hanging in the local bakery, in Hamburg, Germany, where they showed a group of people from the time when the first bakery was open in Hamburg, over hundred years ago, and what struck me the most were their eyes.

They had much more fear, and you could almost feel how little they knew about their world. Probably most of them never left hometown in their lifetime. The amount of information they had on their hands was tiny, and you can see the fear of the unknown is beaming out of their eyes.

So, we as humans have definitely developed in the last hundred years, on deep consciousness level, people are less scared of the unknown, but the question is, what is the next step of our evolution?

To see the future we often have to go back in time. When we look our past we will recognize that our biggest struggle is with one single force, which is gravity.

Everything we do in our life is to help us beat gravity. We build cars, trains, and airplanes so we can move faster, we keep moving and exercising so that gravity doesn’t get us. Once we stop moving we get sick. If we lay in the bed all day long, very soon the force of gravity will start to deteriorate our body.

It’s interesting to see how we are getting better and better in defying gravity. Our clothes used to be so heavy, made out of raw leather or sheepskin, often we carried weapons and tools made of heavy metals. Even our dishes and cutlery were heavy. Now we wear light clothes, we use light materials for dishes and cutlery, everything around us is getting lighter and lighter, computers, furniture, cars…

Our food used to be heavy as well, rich with meat and fat, but now more people prefer light food, just rice, vegetable, tofu, fruit juices, vegetable juices. We exercise more to fight the influence of gravity and to basically feel lighter.

For decades our main energy sources were crude oils, dug deep within the earth, but now more and more we use solar power, the source far away from earth, which has a much lighter footprint on our environment.

The main direction of human evolution, on a mental, physical and material level, is to battle the gravity and eventually reach the weightlessness. We eat lighter, we move lighter, we use earth resources less and less, and we rely more and more on renewable powers.

The question is how far we can go with our quest to reach this weightlessness? To me, the possibilities are endless. Food, exercises, and development of our consciousness is the key. Daily meditation, using our Mind Hero app, for example, can help us to renew our energy faster, improving the circulation and increasing the overall feeling of weightlessness. If you are feeling heavy and overweight, you are definitely not very happy. Happiness is one of those skills which you have to fake it until you make it, and it’s essential for reaching weightlessness.

I believe that our bodies will become more and more refined, needing less and less food, and eventually, we might just fly. I know, it sounds crazy, but this is the direction we are heading to, and it’s just a question of time when some of us will reach that level.

Just look at how the evolution progress is going. From the bottom of the sea, crawling the ground on four legs, to the ability to walk straight on two legs and eventually developing so far that we are able to build airplanes so we can finally feel at least the glimpse of our ultimate goal, which is flying.

Here from my office window, I see people sailing on the Alster, the local river here in Hamburg. Why they do that? Why so many people enjoy such sports, like climbing, running, paragliding? We keep looking for activities which will help our body forget a bothersome magnetic field which we call gravity. We keep looking for the ways to prove that we are stronger than this invisible force.

Defying gravity is the ultimate human's enjoyment.

The death of the human being is the final victory of earth gravity over an individual. This epic battle between gravity and humans ends once we come to such level of consciousness and weightlessness that the earth is unable to harm us any more. Therefore we have to keep evolving, learning new tricks, collecting experiences from the past, and working our way through this heavy magnetic field, hoping eventually, one day, if we keep winning, keep learning, we might finally be free.




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