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Mind in the Gap

Moving into The Body

Women and movement through the ages

Photo by Kindred Hues Photography on Unsplash

The female body has always been a subject of conversation. Its purpose, its beauty, its sensuality, its temptation, or of course, its lack thereof. Interestingly, all these things are intrinsically linked to body image. But what about the body beyond its image?

Less attention is given to the female body’s movement, in and of itself. Not the…




Could we not understand things better if we balanced our perspectives with those of others in a different phase of life? Someone twice, or even, half our age? That is the challenge here! Pick any topic and put it to the test. Dive into the mind in the gap and find balance.

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Maria Garcia

Maria Garcia

A storyteller who is a story in production. Get in touch with me! https://linktr.ee/maria.garcia

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