Five Trends that prove that the future belongs to mindful human-centred organisations

Nikolas Konstantin
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3 min readJan 31, 2021


The future belongs to reflected individuals, human-centered organisations & meaningful products.

We took the liberty to share five trends that will drive this transformation to a more mindful tomorrow & highlighted where you can make a dent in the universe to speed up the process.

Lastly, we will also show where we are already prototyping solutions at Mind Inc in our mission to accelerate the transformation to a more human-centered future.

  1. Understood Self drives the meaning economy

Trend: People want to understand themselves better. New Tools & Training for the “understood self” will increase personal collective wellbeing.

Open Spaces: Designing virtual solutions for better understanding one self can scale and build the next brand.

Early Evidence:

2. Mindfulness is the new agile

Trend: Modern companies implement sophisticated mindfulness strategies to retain talent and do high performance work.

Open Spaces: Combining Mindfulness Tools with organisational DNA Analysis catered towards wellbeing & alignment along core value drivers.

Early Evidence:

3. Coaches will be ubiquitous

Trend: Coaches will be the new Managers. Every Company will employ external coaches.

Open Spaces: Creating Coaching Trainings merging Transactional Analysis, Systemic Coaching & Mindfulness methodologies will help to create the best in class holistic coaching training offer.

Early Evidence

4. Design eats consulting

Trend: T-shaped teams trained in Design Thinking Methodology are unlocking solutions traditional consultancies couldn't.

Open Spaces: Deployment of T-shaped teams using IDEO-like methodologies to become a Consulting/Coaching Powerhouse with brand. Org design meets individual transformation.

Early Evidence:

  • IDEO´s teams are being deployed to solve some of the worlds most challenging problems.
  • AKQA, an experience agency, has outperformed traditional marketing agencies by combining design, storytelling and user experience in their methodology.
  • Kessel & Kessel beat other consultancies due to a unique understanding of the human transformation side of organizational development.

5. Mental Wellbeing can and will be trained holistically

Trend: Meditation goes mainstream. Scientific studies on mental training see exponential growth. New insights will uncover potential to train the mind for wellbeing.

Open Spaces: Translating latest scientific insights into training programs for leaders.

Early Evidence:

Awareness as seen by Neri Oxman’s Krebs Cycle of Creativity III

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

At Mind Inc we are prototyping solutions to give those trends form and shape:

If you would like to support us in accelerating the application of a mindful human-centered future reach out.

About the author:

Nikolas Konstantin is the founder of Mind Inc, a consultancy & host of Art of Meditation, an advanced meditation program.

Images: Neri Oxman’s Krebs Cycle of Creativity I & III(MIT Media Lab)



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