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A New Paradigm

The Ethics of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies

Written by Dr Simon Longstaff AO. Dr Simon Longstaff AO is Executive Director of The Ethics Centre and a Director of Mind Medicine Australia.

Few measures better reveal the character of a society than its approach to those who suffer. Occasionally, the suffering we encounter is beyond our capacity to relieve. In those cases, we can be held to no higher standard than that we have responded with care and compassion. However, what is to be said of a society that could have offered relief — yet refused to do so? How might such a society be judged? Will history excuse those who plead ignorance, or prejudice, or a lack of moral courage to do what was not only possible but necessary? I think not.

Such is the case in our society’s response to those who suffer from mental illness yet are denied access to the increasingly proven benefits of psychedelically assisted clinical therapies. Too often, those who suffer have already given all in service of their society: military personnel, first responders who too often suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Can we justify the continuing harm done to such people when we know that, in many cases, effective treatment options are locked away for no good reason? I think not.

Mind Medicine Australia begins and ends with scientific evidence.

The world abandoned prospective treatments not because they were unsafe or ineffective but because they were associated with the ‘wrong’ side of politics. So, what politics abandoned, let ethics restore.

Let us not be a society condemned for the suffering we might have prevented — if only we had made better choices, for a better world.




Working towards regulatory-approved and research-backed psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy

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Mind Medicine Australia

We are a charity that enables the development of regulatory-approved and research-backed psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in Australia

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