The Silver Bullet Strategy

Gary Ryan Blair
Apr 4, 2018 · 2 min read

Let’s get something straight right out of the gate…

The odds that you’ll succeed in solving any problem or achieving any goal without purposeful action…are about the same as winning the lottery without buying a ticket.

You can moan, complain, make excuses and rationalize all you want…but eventually you’ll come to the understanding that the solution to whatever ails, scares or even inspires you is to…answer with action.

Customer Complaint? Answer with Action.

Overweight? Answer with Action.

Debt Piling Up? Answer with Action.

Character Flaw? Answer with Action.

Marital Problems? Answer with Action.

Complacency? Answer with Action.

Low Grades? Answer with Action.

Profits Declining? Answer with Action.

Poor Sales Performance? Answer with Action.

Website Not Converting? Answer with Action.

Bad Habits? Answer with Action.

Worried? Answer with Action.

Unrealized Dreams? Answer with Action.

Whatever it is you want in life, whatever obstacle stands in your way…action is always the answer.

Everything Counts!

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