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Indecent Exposure — What’s the big deal with showing people your nuts?

“When a man makes his thoughts pure, he no longer desires impure food.” — James Allen

The statement, “you become what you think about”…reminds us that our thoughts affect who we are…and it points out the connection between what we think and what we become.

This understanding is both enhanced and magnified once combined with the Law of Exposure.

The Law of Exposure tells us that our minds think about, process and attract whatever it is most exposed too.

This performance law is fueled by the following understandings:

1. What enters your mind repeatedly, first occupies your mind, and then eventually shapes both your perception and reality.

2. Your mind will absorb and then ultimately reflect whatever it gets repeatedly exposed too.

3. The events you attend, the materials you read, the music you listen too, the images you watch, the conversations you hold, the friends you hang out with, the daydreams you entertain — all of these are right now shaping your mind, then your character, and eventually your future.

4. The environment where you live and work, along with the behavior demonstrated by parents and authority figures…as well as the standards and expectations enforced or unenforced create patterns of thinking which liberate or debilitate your mind.

5. You expose people to your behavior every day, and as a result you either make deposits or withdrawals into their psychological bank account.

I’d like you to consider a few questions as it relates to the Law of Exposure…

What am I currently exposing my mind to on a daily basis?

What impact is that exposure having on my performance, reputation and quality of life?

What should I be exposing my mind to on a daily basis?

What am I exposing other people to when they look at my behavior?

What steps should I take to ensure that I am exposed to better, people, places, behaviors and results?

What indecencies should I no longer be exposing my mind too?

So, let’s now turn our attention and focus on Indecent Exposure

Indecent exposure is the deliberate exposure by a person of a portion of his or her own body that is likely to be seen as vulgar, offensive, and contrary to accepted standards of decency.

As it relates to your personal and professional performance…

Indecent exposure consists of anything that pollutes, contaminates and corrupts your mind, body or soul.

Junk food
Lack of Integrity
Dumbed Down Television
Stupid Social Media Videos
Obscene Music
Vulgar Language or Behavior

Far too many people are allowing themselves to be OVER-EXPOSED to these types of behavioral indecencies which in turn negatively impact their results, their relationships, their reputation…and their future.

It amazes me to see how many people think that they can live as they want…that they can willingly expose their beautiful mind to such trash…and that they can avoid this law of exposure and self-abuse…that somehow they are the exception to the rule.

They really think that they can be read anything they want and that it won’t affect them.

They believe that they can listen to nasty music, watch violent programming, hang out with stupid people and think that it won’t have any negative effect on them or their future. What a joke. This type of behavior is completely nuts!

It might very well be one of the greatest ironies ever…

At a time when all the world’s knowledge in just one click away, when immediate access to all that is good, positive, uplifting and transformative is yours to be had, and most of it for free…the sad reality is that more people today suffer from a poverty of information, a scarcity of ideas, and a deficiency of inspiration, imagination and initiative MORE than they suffer from the absence of money or honest, legal opportunity to get it.


Your output depends on your input. Therefore, be intentional by protecting, nurturing and defending what enters your melon.

To live a life of excellence and abundance…you have but one choice, ONLY expose your mind to that which is true, noble, right, pure, loving, admirable, and inspiring.

If anything is excellent, beautiful or praise-worthy, expose yourself accordingly. I promise you…You cannot overexpose your mind with these types of positive inputs.

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