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These Three Words Control Your Destiny

“Words are chameleons, which reflect the color of their environment.” — Learned Hand

It’s true…

Just three words is all it takes to make or break your character and alter the direction of your career and brand.

Have you ever wondered how people define you, your character, your brand and the quality of your work?

What adjectives do they use…and how do those words affect their perception of you?

In this message, my objective is get you to TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR ADJECTIVES…to live your life in a way that you choose and model the adjectives which you want to be known by and famous for.


Let’s do this…

There is no more defining aspect of a person than their character.

From the moment you open your eyes each morning, until they close again for sleep each night….everything in between compliments or compromises your character.

The word character is a deviation of the Greek word charakter which literally means the “stamp of a coin.”

American coins feature great men like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt. Their characters helped shape and set a high standard for the nation.

Each coin symbolizes their unique character traits.

Allow me to explain…

The penny stamped with the image of Abraham Lincoln says honest, perseverant, and humble.

The nickel stamped with the image of Thomas Jefferson says creative, diplomatic, and competent.

The dime stamped with the image of Franklin Roosevelt says resolve, relationships, and patience.

The quarter stamped with the image of George Washington says courage, fortitude, and honor.

I say, isn’t this the way we all want to be described?

Isn’t this the legacy with which we would all like to live?

People today don’t think of their characters as being honest and humble or creative, diplomatic and competent, or full of courage, honor, and fortitude.

But what if they did?

Would this world not be a much better place to live if they did?


If the government where you live were to stamp your image on a coin…what three adjectives would be used to describe your character?

Would those adjectives be inspiring and uplifting to others?

Would they be something you’d be ashamed of?

Would they make your mother proud?

If your adjectives are in need of a tune up…what changes must you make starting right now?

Remember…your behavior is the physical manifestation of your character and behavior never lies.

History leaves us with enough clues to believe with confidence that we can only experience true success and happiness by making character the bedrock of our lives.

That’s why taking ownership of our adjectives is so important.

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