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Tiger Woods: Deserves Everything He Got

The importance of rewarding and celebrating great performances.

Brain Snack # 140

YYou make hundreds of decisions every day.

Some matter more than others.

However, committing your life to excellence is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

My life’s mission is to inspire, promote and celebrate excellence.

And, this particular message is meant to send a message on the importance of rewards, recognition, and the fine art of CELEBRATING EXCELLENCE.


The Green Jacket at The Masters Golf Tournament is considered to be the greatest individual award, and the most coveted prize in the world of Golf.


The Illustrious Green Jacket

Because winning the Green Jacket…

…is perhaps the greatest external motivator for driving superior performance.

…is the most pursued piece of clothing for any professional golfer.

…means that you are part of an ultra-exclusive community for life.

…can only be earned by overcoming world-class competition.

…guarantees you a very special place in the history books.

…is a symbol of excellence, victory and immortality.

Today, 43-year old Tiger Woods served notice to the golfing world with his 5th victory at the Masters…and the 15th major of his career.

Tiger paid the price, demonstrated an awesome display of excellence, and I trust he’ll be celebrating with his family and sleeping with that Green Jacket on tonight.


I’d like to use the remainder of this message to focus on you and why you must incorporate rewards and celebration into your goal setting pursuits.

A funny thing happens on the way to success…

You build integrity, character, discipline, and a host of other intrinsic benefits that add credence to the old saying, “the journey is its own reward.”

Goals are natural value generators, often because of what you learn and become en route to their achievement.

Having a reward that honors and symbolizes that achievement is a powerful motivator for continued progress and performance excellence.

Simply put, a reward is an extrinsic symbol for the enforcement and celebration of intrinsic values.


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If you want to dramatically improve your productivity, increase innovation to gain and sustain competitive advantages, create an environment that fosters excellence and ethical behavior…you must make rewards and recognition standard protocol.

Whether it’s a War Hero receiving a Medal of Honor, an Olympic athlete winning a Gold Medal, an Author being granted a Pulitzer Prize, a Martial Artist earning a Black Belt, an Actor being recognized with an Oscar…or a young child winning a trophy for a local spelling bee…rewards and recognition promote and define personal excellence.

Rewards provide an effective but uncomplicated means for reinforcing quality behaviors.

They not only serve to honor the accomplishments of exceptional individual or team performance, they bolster and endorse the specific actions, behaviors, and values that you are striving to put in place.


Few things in life are more demoralizing than having your consistently good performance go unrecognized.

The need for recognition and approval is a fundamental human drive, and one of the motivators behind our willingness to give and serve.

The goal of rewards, recognition and celebration is to feed that motivation and to promote and define excellence.

Those being recognized for excellence serve as models for their colleagues, inspirations to their communities, and leaders in their area of discipline.

Therefore, the successful culture, team or household is one that provides constant recognition and applause.

More directly, a successful culture, team or household is one that rewards the virtuous behavior it wants repeated.

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior…and when you REWARD THE RIGHT BEHAVIOR and its results…you almost guarantee a repeat performance.

The trick is to identify and reward the behavior you want repeated, as poor behavior also will be repeated if rewarded.


I encourage you to do four things…

I encourage you to become a great believer in the importance of celebration and rewards.

I encourage you to identify the virtuous behavior you want repeated in yourself, your family and associates.

I encourage you to think of a creative, meaningful reward(s) which you will share whenever and wherever excellence is demonstrated.

I encourage you to challenge yourself to live your life in a such a way that everything you think, say and do inspires excellence and greatness in others.

It’s the greatest gift we can give to one another!

Gary Ryan Blair is creator of the 100 Day Challenge…a radical approach to goal achievement that shows people how to achieve 10X size goals by applying the methods and best practices of growth hacking. Get all the details here.

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