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Too Little. Too Late.

More than a year before the United States formally entered World War II, General Douglas MacArthur warned that…

“The history of failure in war, or in any other human endeavor, can almost be summed up in two words: Too late. Too late in comprehending the deadly purpose of a potential enemy. Too late in realizing the mortal danger. Too late in preparedness. Too late in uniting all possible forces for resistance.”

We’d all be wise to take these words into consideration…especially when it comes to our goals and dreams.

You have no choice but to accept the truth that you’re playing a high stakes game of one and done.

You have exactly one life in which to do everything you’ll ever do.

There are no do-overs, you will not receive a second chance…either use this life well or lose it.

That’s why it’s in your best interest to get serious about upgrading your execution skills and accelerating your win rate…before time runs out.

That’s where the trouble begins because you think you have time…you don’t.

For all the things you might want to experience in life…time is running out.

You never know when the last grain of sand will fall through the middle of your own life’s hourglass.

Time is running out for you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be…to make the difference you seek to make…to produce the work you know you’re capable of.

Where’s the urgency as you’ll be dead a lot longer than you’ll be alive?

Parents, your children are growing up quickly…you need to be in a hurry to teach them, to shape their character and to ensure self-reliance.

Entrepreneurs, you need to be in a hurry to add greater value, to dazzle and amaze…in a hurry to create work that people would miss if it were gone.

Teachers, you need to be in a hurry to captivate attention, to instill a love of learning… to turn your students into informed and educated leaders of tomorrow.

Students, time is going by faster than you realize…you need to be in a hurry to create good study habits, to develop a love for learning…in a hurry to solve challenging problems and to acquire good decision making and leadership skills.

Leaders, you need to be in a hurry to share a bold, empowering vision…to inspire hope and to instill confidence…in a hurry to set an example worth following.

Make no mistake about it…time is running out.

That’s why you need to be in a hurry to face your fears, develop courage, share your bravest work, commit to excellence, get in shape, get out of debt, shed high-maintenance relationships, eliminate excuses, become financially free…and dare mighty things.

The world needs you…all of you, the courageous you, the bold you, the ambitious, fearless and unstoppable you.

I’ll close by paraphrasing the quote from General Douglas MacArthur…


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