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When You Lose, Don’t Lose The Lesson

“When you lose, don’t lose the lesson as those who do not learn from failure are condemned to repeat it.”

— Gary Ryan Blair

Most of us repeat history rather than create it.

The reason mistakes, failure and history repeats itself…

Is because we paid no attention the first time.

When will we learn?

It’s essential that we make new mistakes and experience new failures.

We don’t make nearly enough of them.

There’s not enough original effort…

Not enough stretching outside the comfort zone.

And there’s most certainly not enough bold, daring action in search of something better.

For most of us…

It’s more frightening to do something new than it is to retry something that failed.

We need to stop making the same old mistakes…

And we need to put an end to the perpetuation of failure by repeating the same actions again and again and again.

What did you expect to happen when you did the very same thing that didn’t work last time?

Mistakes and failure, which spend much of their life in the gulag of public perception…is, by all measures, essential to success.

Success depends on a constant stream of small and occasionally large mistakes and failures.

Unfortunately, they too often get a bum rap.

To create history rather than repeat it…

Mistakes and failures must be viewed not only as the output of an unsuccessful activity…but also the input for a successful one.

In other words, new beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.

Unless mistakes and failures are understood and respected as an integral part of success…

They will remain widely perceived as unnecessary, objectionable… something to be avoided at all costs.

A proactive response is impossible as long as you see mistakes and failure only in negative terms.

Expect to get dinged here and there as you pursue your goal, but like wine that gets better with age…

You get better when you have failed a time or two and learned from the experience.

While there is nothing inherently sexy or enviable about failure…

Eventually, people find you more attractive and interesting due to the knowledge, wisdom, and maturity you gained because of it.

In conclusion…

You learn to become strong, because you have experienced weakness.

You learn to become bold and courageous, because you have experienced fear.

You become wise because in the past you were foolish.

And, you become successful because of the lessons you learned by making mistakes and experiencing failure.

The pain and misery of failure, missed opportunity, or simply a bonehead move on our own part should be a lesson learned and never repeated.

When you lose, don’t lose the lesson as those who cannot learn from failure are condemned to repeat it.

The lessons of making mistakes and experiencing failure are a terrible thing to waste.

Go, get out there, and start creating history!

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