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Your Best Year Ever Manifesto

Here’s the plan you need to quickly achieve the goals you want

“There are much bigger and better things ahead of you in the new year than any you leave behind.” — Gary Ryan Blair

What would it take to make this year your best year ever? The answer has less to do with goal setting and resolution making than most people think.

In this manifesto, we’ll take a close, intimate look at the perfect execution system you need…to make this your best, week, month and best year ever.

Perfection is a flawless performance metric by which any company, person, project or idea can benchmark itself against.

With that in mind…it’s my pleasure to present you with the perfect execution strategy for achieving any resolution or goal to make this your best year ever.

The New Year offers you the first and perhaps the single most important opportunity for remaking yourself and truly making this your best year ever.

As with any opportunity, you have an obligation to capitalize on it and begin the year enjoying the sweetness of success instead of experiencing the bitter taste of failure and disappointment.

Failure, disappointment, quitting, excuse making and blame are not the most admirable of qualities. You must never allow yourself to be associated with such behaviors.

Unfortunately that’s how the majority of people will begin the New Year.

The good news is that one you learn and implement the perfect New Years Resolution strategy you’ll be on your way to having your best year ever.

Say hello to…THE RULE OF ONE

Download the Rule of One and Make this Your Best Year Ever

The Rule of One is actually very simple…

Rather than starting the New Year with a long list of resolutions which quickly fade from memory…make the decision to focus on the one resolution that would make the greatest impact on your life, career, or family.

This is the first step in making this your best year ever.

Contrary to the lyrics from a classic rock song, one is not the loneliest number.

It’s the most important one, especially when it comes to your success in making this your best year ever.

Why only one resolution?


ONE resolution is a smart, radical act of simplicity which requires nothing more than good old-fashioned common sense.

Simplifying your New Year strategy to just one resolution is powerful in that it creates a sense of relief, and freedom from complexity, and overwhelm.


ONE resolution is perhaps the savviest move you can make when it comes to focus.

Why? Focusing on the highest and best use of your time, talents and passions involves making choices and trade-offs, identifying priorities…as well as determining and aligning actions with core values.


One resolution is the perfect solution to the biggest problem faced by most people — accountability.

Accountability serves to protect your character as well as your credibility. By reducing the number of resolutions to one…you remove complexity and overwhelm, and replace it with confidence and control.

Whether it’s going back to school, starting a business, becoming debt free, or even writing a book, there is no singular goal that you can’t accomplish this year. That is the magic behind the Rule of One.

Decision Time

Use the Rule of One to identify the one resolution that inspires passion, captivates your attention, and which would make the greatest impact on your life, career, or family…thus making this your best year ever!

The Rule of One

I Resolve to________________________________________________________

Now that you understand the Rule of One and have identified your one resolution for the New Year…our focus must now turn to the importance of execution.

Ready, Set, Execute

A flawed premise of success is that “the one resolution” is the most important ingredient in the stew of success, and that you win or lose based on the merits or worthiness of the resolution.

How wrong and casualty-creating that premise is as the best goal or most passionate resolution cannot survive poor execution.

You must remember that goals and resolutions never fail — only implementation does!

So, how do you execute well and best position yourself for having your best year ever?

Say hello to the…100 Day Challenge

The 100 Day Challenge is a radical, high-performance challenge that is responsible for turning your primary resolution and goals into reality faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

As mentioned previously, the New Year provides you a one-shot window-of-opportunity to blast out of the gate fast and as with any opportunity, you have an obligation to capitalize on it and get a jump-start on making this your best year ever.

The importance of how you execute the first 100 days of the year cannot be overstated for the simple reason that if…you have a successful first 100 days…it naturally follows that you are building massive momentum and setting yourself up for having your best year ever.

This approach is smart business and quickly becomes a devastating competitive advantage.

So you may be asking yourself why participate in the 100 Day Challenge?

On a global scale, there is a chronic disconnect between goal formulation and goal execution.

The goals that companies and people set for themselves at the beginning of the year often bear little resemblance to the results they actually achieve.

The root cause of this disconnect is that most of us do not have a proven and sustainable execution process in place. The 100 Day Challenge is the ideal solution as it’s all about strategy execution.

Through this revolutionary extreme performance acceleration program, you will learn:

Success as well all know is a journey, a maze of obstacles, options, and opportunities along with failure, ambiguity, and do-overs.

The success you enjoy in the New Year depends upon many things, but mostly it depends on you and your ability to implement the Rule of One…and to execute until the resolution is achieved.

I look forward to helping you make this your best year ever!

Gary Ryan Blair is creator of the 100 Day Challenge…a radical approach to goal achievement that shows people how to achieve 10X size goals by applying the methods and best practices of growth hacking.

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