Beauty on a Budget: Our Go-To DIY Hair Masks

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It’s in the last week or so before the end of each month where I’ll sift through the chunk of change I’ve spent on beauty so far — From testing out new cleansers to deep conditioning treatments, I take time to check myself and make sure I’m still within budget (coz like, no matter how great you look, spending money you don’t have is worse than getting spinach in your teeth on a first date with Channing Tatum).

When I’m trying to squeeze more out of my budget, I find that my normally natural beauty routine gets reeeeally natural — I’ll turn my fruit bowl, pantry, and fridge into my own personal Bergdorfs, just out of pure necessity.

However! A silver lining! Something I’ve been into a lot lately is making my own hair masks — They’re, of course, super budget friendly and so pure I can practically feel all of the goodness soaking into my dehydrated ends. I’ve learned the hard way (so you don’t have to!) that not all natural hair masks are created equal, though. Too many times I’ve worn helmut-slick ponytails out on the town because my hair mask didn’t fully wash out (here’s to you, olive oil, coconut oil, and basically all 100% oil situations). Not cool.

Here are my top 3 go-to recommendations, from longest wait time to shortest. Exact measurements aren’t super necessary — I always eyeball it and get different consistencies and mixes each time! Madison says this makes me more french, and hey, if the croissant fits…I’ll eat/wear it/put it on my hair:


#1. Coconut Oil + Egg + Olive Oil

There’s so much craze over the benefits of coconut oil, and I totally get it — this stuff is awesome. Buuut, here’s a huge PSA for all the natural beauty go-getters out there — If you put coconut oil in your hair, it takes more than one wash to get that s*#% out! The timing has to be perfect for me to go through with this one. Don’t expect that you can do this hair mask, shampoo it out, and have locks that dry as light as air. They’ll be pretty heavy — lots of moisture just got sucked up and is still hanging out in your ends. My recommendation for this one is to do the mask at night time, followed by shampooing everything out. Then, the nextmorning, shampoo again. Double shampoo is the only way to go with this one — You’ve been warned!

#2. Avocado + Banana + Egg + Honey

We know — It takes a lot to sacrifice an avocado for beauty purposes. You basically have to be a saint, as more often than not, they’re just too delicious to use for anything other than eating. We wait for ages for it to finally be ready, trekking to three different grocery stores and seven bodegas to find the right level of smush, and then we can’t even eat it?! Trust — it’s worth it. My compromise is to always use half on my strands. Half for a mask at night, + half for avocado eggs in the morning = match made in #adds&mads heaven.


#3. Banana + Egg + Plain Yogurt

By far, the easiest combo! If you want a quick “easy to rinse out and go” kind of hair mask, this is the one. Just make sure the banana is ripe — sometimes almost browning — so it’s easy to mash up. The egg brings in a good consistency that soaks into the hair well — Egg yolks are packed with vitamins A, D, and E — all great for shiny, healthy hair. This combo tends to be a great go-to because these ingredients are usually always in the house — And it’s not as devastating to sacrifice a banana for beauty.

That said, here’s to some budget-friendly beauty that keeps your hair salon-fresh from the comfort of our plush robes and slippers (or, #realtalk, your grade 7 track and field tee). If you have your own hair mask (and skin too — coming soon!) recipes, give us a shout at — we’d love to test them out and share the results!

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