Mind Over Model x Greenhouse Juice — We’re #NOTfashionweak

This fashion week inspired us to shatter the stigma on diets, nutrition and how to properly palm a pressed juice. Our favourite place to glug a greenie is at Toronto-based hideaway Greenhouse Juice Co. — we called them up first to help spread the love on our optimal form of fashion week fuel.

Is a bottle of pressed juice just glorified salad water?

For some, maybe. But it shouldn’t be. Our biggest concern with juicing is the attitude that has squeezed it’s way into society — the notion that, to juice means to deprive the body — to cleanse, to starve, or to drink juice with some kind of ulterior motive (namely, weight loss. And the rapid, lose-five-pounds-yesterday kinda pound-shedding).


During Rosie Assoulin’s Spring presentation in New York, Madison spotted models noshing on fruit pops, trail mixes and green juice. A+, Rosie!

“My biggest concern about juice cleanses is that they fuel obsessive thinking,” says Marianne Gillow, a psychiatrist in private practice in Manhattan who consults for, among others, the Fashion Institute of Technology. “People who have trouble managing their weight tend to be all or nothing about things. Cleansing doesn’t allow you to make peace with real food.”

Our friend, model Zöe Colivas also has worries: “For some people, I understand that doing a juice cleanse for a couple days can be detoxifying and get you back on track. I personally feel that incorporating juices into my every day life increases my energy level and makes me feel healthy!” This exactly mirrors the attitude of Greenhouse Juice — undoubtedly the coolest, most Instagrammable spot in the six — taking our industry, and tastebuds, by storm.


When we first met with Greenhouse, Addison and I were voraciously vocal about juice’s bad rap — why do we need to feel like we must elevate ourselves to deserve a green juice? Why must we Instagram said juice on an all-white background, with perfect makeup and a fresh-from-pilates glow?

We’re not sure, but we do know one thing. Green juice is an amazing, delicious, gut-cleaning addition to ANY day, not just good ones. How can we shatter this illusion and glug the green with reckless abandon? Adds and I decided to gather our squad of Canadian girl bosses, healthy heartthrobs and creative geniuses to reinforce the fact that, to juice is not to be someone different. It’s just a great way to be kind to yourself, as you are, right now. Next week is Fashion Week, and we’re coming together with Canada’s most stylish stars to prove that juicing can be freaking GREAT.

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How do we prefer to consume fresh-pressed deliciousness? With food, obvs. Beth Warren is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a New York State Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist with a private practice in Brooklyn, New York. She went on a juice cleanse to understand it’s effects, and came out with a pro-juice, pro-food conclusion. “Juices must be part of an otherwise healthy, whole foods diet for them to have any benefit. My ideal detox diet is in the form of clean eating, which includes less processed foods and artificial ingredients and preservatives, and more lean proteins, beans, healthy fats, whole grains, lots of fruits and vegetables.”

Zöe feels the same way, citing whole foods and healthy fats as the perfect accent for an afternoon juice jaunt. “The mistake that most people make is assuming that juices are used to replace meals. In my life I use them to replace a coffee, an afternoon pick me up or an energy boost before and after a workout.”

Health is a huge focus in Zo’s busy, body-based life. When we have a job as intense and as critical as modelling can be, it can be tempting to cave under the pressure of looking like someone your clients, friends, or agents want you to be. Fueling your body with good things, and doing so intelligently (read — a juice here and there, a nice helping of carbs and yes, a dollop of daily self love) helps tremendously in improving how you — and others — handle yourself and career. We don’t just say this without experience — both Addison and I have serious rules when it comes to food and self-esteem. One of them, passed on from my mother, to me, to Addie this summer, is this: Never stress on budget when it comes to good food. What you eat now will act as medicine as you age; both mentally and physically. Eat out less often, eat organic, eat local, but eat WELL. Pick up a juice, savour the nutrients, and don’t feel bad about it. You are your biggest investment in this life.

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Another friend in our #MOMsquad this week is Ksenia, a model and fashion blogger we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the years. She is one of those juicing veterans — we have a few of those in our posse this week, and can’t wait to share their wisdom:

“There are days when the first thought I wake up with is ‘coffee please!’ — especially during fashion week. Let’s be honest — I do like my coffee, but in reality I know it’s very deceiving. When I have a long day/night and when I have to hit the ground fast, the only thing that gets me going and gets me through the day is a juice. I love all kinds of juices, I’ll chug them quick and instantly feel energized. The energy also feels natural — unlike coffee, there is no crash.”

Join Ksenia, Zozo (we tend to make up nicknames for her all the time) and twenty of the kindest people in fashion to get your green on this season. Interested? Here’s what we want you to do — this Monday marks the beginning of Fashion week here in Toronto. As your honorary best friends, we don’t want you to be #fashionweak. Grab a juice, grab your phone and tell us your story.

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Is green juice a member of your squad? Do you have bad blood with these fresh-pressed profferings but, like any good Taylor Swift song, hope to change your ways? Tell us. Hashtag #NOTfashionweak and mention @mindovermodel and our sweet friends at @greenhousejuice— because we love you, and we really love Greenhouse.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, where we talk men, athletes, and juicing for G’s.

Forever #NOTfashionweak,
Adds & Mads (M/O/M)