Moral power

In case you wonder about relativity of right and wrong.

Rob / the power

After each thought, there is a short moment until reason kicks in. This is the fraction of second, when you exactly know what you think without any prior explanation.

This is, when you can see your mind working in real-time. This is, when you can actively influence the process, until all reaction commands are fired.

Accessing this moment equals magic. You gain power, and the actual game is very simple — in direct confrontation more power wins anytime.

Magic certainly gives you influence, but cannot provide answers. Some say it’s relative, some say it’s neutral, like any other tool. Either way it lacks a clear unambiguous user manual. It contains no fixed moral reference point.

Hence we have the kind of reasonable power hungry civilization we have.

Yet, I find it remarkable, that we can discuss such topic as moral code. What is ok, and what is not. In this universe clearly exists the idea of something that is just “right”.

At this point I could go on and on, trying to describe what it’s like to know the Truth, what powerful impact such an experience has, but… You have to see it for yourself, and if you already have, there’s no need to explain anything.

When you know, that you “are everything”, that you are the universe being aware of itself, it’s obvious how to behave in relation to the world in general.

Details must be sorted out from situation to situation, as it seems, but one becomes very clear — what you do to others, you also do to yourself.