The Next Big Advancement in Communication

I was recently asked, what I thought the next big advancement in communication technology would be.

My response: Coffee Shops.

Ok- not really coffee shops, but rather the conversations that take place in and will increasingly take place in them.

People talking to people…in person. That is the next major break through in communication.

You see, the internet has allowed the world to become more integrated, but we as individuals in relation to our family, friends and communities have become less connected.

With the advent of the internet, our Western world has advanced the speed of communication, the efficiency of business and in many ways made the world smaller, all the while the individual’s relationship to those closest to him/her and the individual’s ability to form and sustain meaningful relationships has rapidly deteriorated.

Nothing could be easier than to lock ourselves away from everyone and everything. But in doing so, we lose our opportunity for growth.

We are beginning to see a shift in people getting back to the basics, people getting back to people.

Our time spent with family, friends and acquaintances, the conversations, the laughs and the ideas shared — nothing could be better for us - it’s a must for our souls.

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