Thoughts for Tomorrow: Ideals & Economic Growth

The highest ideals must carry us.

Not race, not money, not geography.

Today in our American society what binds us? Money and its pursuit and when someone becomes “rich” then what? It is expected and applauded for that individual to seek more and more things and more money, forever and forever…?

Nature has shown us that things can not continue to grow and grow, it is not healthy for entity or it’s environment. Yet, we persist with our theories and philosophies and advocate “forever” growth.

It will be our destruction.

In anything- family, politics, science, anything, there must be balance. In is unhealthy and foolish to seek to grow an economy perpetually at all costs. It simply does not work.

Our economic and politic processes must be a balance of the individual and the community — with balance comes peace and security.

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