Cypress — Dec. 6/18

It is OPEN!!!! So let’s stop in for a ski on our way home from Whistler. Who gets to do that?? We do :)

New RFID technology

Although we managed to squeeze in a couple of skis to Whistler while we were waiting for Cypress to open, here is where my heart belongs.

Thank you Joffrey Koeman, Director of Sales and Marketing, Cypress Mountain Resort, for all of your support in the important connection between good mental health and being outside — especially in the winter months when the Lower Mainland can be wet and dreary.

I would also like to thank my husband, Mike, for being such a great skiing partner and making our weekly ski date a priority.

I will attach my Dr. Jen Ski Report below, which is a regular occurrence on the Cypress website, but I would also like to globally thank Cypress for their commitment to a first class, local resort, in our beautiful city.