Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn


Wow, a novel has not blown my socks off like this one in a long time. I could not put it down. Who should read this? ALL WOMEN.

I would not particularly call myself a feminist (says the woman who has benefitted greatly from the feminists before her), and I don’t believe that women always get the short end of the stick (although worldwide of course many do). However, what I do believe is that it is VERY hard as a woman to make major changes to her life. Especially if those changes may negatively impact others around her. It is not in our DNA; we are built to be caregivers, caregivers of others that is, not to take care of ourselves first. We have a loyalty to our partners, and a loyalty to our children. But what if we aren’t happy?!

This novel does a fantastic job of showing varying examples of how different women arrange their lives. At the beginning of the novel, the main character is thrust into the ending of her marriage of almost three decades. She comes to realize how unhappy she was, but still would not have made the decision if her hand wasn’t forced.

Whether young or old, single or married, there are really great messages for all women in this novel. Messages about honouring yourself. Check it out. I think you will love it too!