DOXA — Letter from Masanjia

Julie Keith from Oregon and Producer/Director Leon Lee

Brave. That is the best way to describe all of the players: Leon Lee, for choosing to produce a film that exposes the Chinese government, and very well may also have consequences for his family in China; Julie Keith, for following up on a strange letter that she discovered hidden in her Halloween decorations; and last but not least, Sun Yi. Sun Yi, a soft-spoken engineer and Falun Gong practitioner, had the raw courage to hide letters in products to be exported, so that he could expose the Chinese labour camp in which he was imprisoned. Like I said, Brave.

I would highly recommend this film so that you can further understand the oppression that exists today in China, and ways in which we can do something about it here.

Leon Lee describes it as “the most difficult film I have ever done”, and he is not new to this industry or exposing his government.

Sun Yi, the bravest of them all, openly claims that he is willing to suffer for his beliefs. This is the truest definition of a martyr. He also confidently says that “Justice will prevail over evil”. See it for yourself to see if you agree.