How To Bee — Doxa 2019

Documentarian Naomi Mark

Another fantastic documentary that Doxa has brought in for us to enjoy.

At first glance, one could think that this is just a film about beekeeping. Nope. This is a story about bees. This is a story about a daughter and her daddy. This is a story about end of life. This is a story about family.

Naomi Mark’s keen eye for detail is obvious in this film. The close ups of the bees revealing their intricacies is mesmerizing. The lingering shots of her father are heartwarming. Put all of that together with great cinematography of the nature around them and the images she chooses to capture, wonderful!

See this film for yourself, and watch how Naomi maneuvers through the two roles she carries, one of filmmaker and one of daughter, seemingly at war in How To Bee. Heart wrenching, and real.