VIFF — The Serengeti Rules

Nicolas Brown, Director, with Dr. Jen

There are plenty of films these days that talk about the demise of our planet, however, this one is different; it gives us hope!

Nicolas Brown does a great job featuring five great research scientists that have built their careers by being keen observers of their respective environments. These individual stories of the researchers are a joy to learn about in themselves.

Nicolas Brown uses Sean Carroll’s influential book to really drive a point home: in the natural world, everything is regulated. Once we learn how this regulation works, then we have the key for reversing the damage that has been caused. This is exciting.

Combine a powerful discovery with fantastic cinematography, you have this first class film that will inspire you.

When I asked Director Nicolas Brown what career path young people should perhaps take if they were interested in furthering this cause? He responded with the disciplines of Ecology and Conservation, perhaps with an emphasis on policy makers. Should you want to research this path further, a major contributor to this field and this work is Tony Sinclair (featured in the film), who you can find at The University of British Columbia (UBC).