Strategic Planning, Business Process Redesign, Project Management Office, Procurement Support and Implementation

Client: Western Reserve Transit Authority — Comprehensive Plan for Advanced Public Transportation System (APTS)

Objective: Development of a Comprehensive Plan for an Advanced Public Transportation System (APTS), Development of RFP, Procurement Support and Implementation Management

Background and Solution: 
Mindboard engaged the Western Reserve Transit Authority (WRTA) in developing a Comprehensive Plan for Advanced Public Transportation System (APTS). Mindboard initiated this project by interviewing key WRTA personnel in an effort to understand WRTA’s APTS vision. Following our analysis of the interview findings, reviewing WRTA services, facilities and IT resources, and shadowing critical business processes and documents, we defined WRTA’s APTS vision.

Based on our observations and findings, Mindboard developed document shadowing tables, dataflow maps, “As-Is” process maps, application architecture maps, network architecture maps, and functional maps. Furthermore, we conducted a SWOT analysis of WRTA information technology and conducted a systems audit of business-critical systems including Trapeze, Maximus, FleetMate, Fleetlynx, ABRA, and ABS. Based on our reviews we defined APTS specific future requirements for WRTA.

The Mindboard team conducted a benchmark study and best practices review to identify gaps in WRTA’s APTS processes and developed an APTS Action Plan. Mindboard identified suitable applications that fit WRTA’s future requirements and budget allocations. Mindboard additionally prepared an APTS implementation plan and defined technical specifications for selected applications and developed a request for proposal (RFP) for identified APTS.

Mindboard also managed the APTS vendor review and procurement process by evaluating vendor proposals, developing vendor information packets, conducting qualitative and quantitative analyses, managing vendor demonstrations, providing recommendation for vendor selection, and conducting contract negotiations with selected vendor.

Mindboard team resources also served as the Project Manager throughout the duration of the implementation of selected technologies, working on behalf of WRTA to ensure that projects were delivered on time, within budget and with the highest levels of quality.