Welcome to the Mindboard Medium Channel

Welcome to the Mindboard. Medium Channel. Mindboard is a consulting and development firm specializing in modernization projects for state and federal clients. From organizational strategy, to gap/risk analysis, to embracing the development challenges in this increasingly connected world, Mindboard aims to assist these clients push forward, while giving them the voice and space to better engage their audiences with clear and focused solutions.

This blog will continue the modernization discussion focusing on our modernization efforts pertaining to User Experience (UX) and management consulting. Through the shared case studies and We will propose several definitions for understandings across projects and cultures, while also embracing the insights not always heard within this space. Where applicable, we will give insights about specific practices and methods (for example, we have an upcoming series called UX Journeys), but the core of our writing will be to get you to think about what modernization your teams, and your organizations. If what we propose here merits further discussion, each post will invite you to contact us directly for more information and for next steps forward.

With that said, welcome to our perspectives of modernization by Mindboard — let’s take hold of a better workspace together.

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