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Even with declines in the market, Mindexcoin remains stable

Jun 22, 2018 · 2 min read

While large digital assets are declining in value, MIC continues to grow. Understand why

The cryptocurrency market is undergoing a sharp decline. In the last 24 hours (June 21 and 22), the total market value fell more than 16 million dollars. Bitcoin fell 8% and is trading at $6,000.

Ethereum, the world’s second most famous cryptocurrency, was also hit by this decline and fell 8%. This Friday (June 22), the asset is being traded for $479.00.

According to market experts, the news from the Financial Services Agency of Japan have issued improvements in the business of 6 Exchanges of cryptocurrencies of the country, would have directly affected the price of the currencies.

In the midst of all this, Mindexcoin remains stable and unchanged in the purchase and sale price of its tokens. This happens because the company has two pillars that do not let the value of the asset fall: the internal exchange and also the Airdrop system.

The Airdrop created by Mindexcoin is a deposit system, where investors who bought company currencies direct their capital. Once deposited within the Airdrop, the Mindexcoin must stay for a period of one year without interruption and without allowable withdrawals. At this time, these cryptocurrencies will yield. The yield is 2% per week for a year, and after this period the main investment can be taken out normally.

Each week, the user can use the amount generated by this percentage of income (2%) to transact within Mindexcoin’s own website. Even because the Internal Exchange project is already working.

Mindexcoin users who wish to purchase new currencies from the company no longer have to rely solely on external exchanges. In addition to ForkDelta and EtherDelta (external exchanges), Mindexcoin investors can now also trade their currencies within the company’s own wallet (), that is, our internal exchange.

Enjoy and secure a stable, secure token that does not shake with the ups and downs of the financial market. Access the website and learn more about MIC


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