Mindexcoin plans online payment platform

The project aims to facilitate the lives of users who wish to pay for their products with cryptocurrencies

Mindexcoin has been showing every day that it is much more than a cryptocurrency. In addition to being one of the busiest assets in brokerage firms in recent weeks, Mindexcoin has also been showing its strength in the financial market.

In a conversation with the developers of the currency, it was announced the planning of a payment platform. According to those responsible for the company, Mindexcoin goes beyond the design of an ICO, token and cryptocurrency. Since the creation of the idea, the goal is to develop an online payment platform where people can buy their products and use Mindexcoin (and in the future others altcoins) as a bargaining chip.

“Mindexcoin wants to move digital assets, make payments, transactions and transformations, just as fiat coins already do.” “We know the strength that the digital financial market has, but what’s the use of creating cryptocurrencies for them to stay in wallets? Cryptocurrencies are the money of the future, “said the developer and IT manager of the company.

Although Mindexcoin developers have already left the market alert and optimistic about what’s coming, the launch date for this new online payment platform has not yet been announced. But the company’s founder has already made it clear in whom he could be inspired by.

“Market platforms are begging for innovation. E-commerce is no longer the same as ten years ago, but the means of payment are still the same. We want to go beyond what platforms like Paypal already do, we want to offer new options and new solutions for users and also for merchants”.

Mindexcoin is currently among the five most popular cryptocurrencies on the market, with a guaranteed and advanced process in CoinMarketCap and with new features every day. According to the latest announcement from the developers, the value of the currency should go for $60 until the end of 2018. With the appreciation of Mindexcoin, it is one of the first steps to ensure new partnerships and solidify the payment platform project.

Projects like this that show how it is possible to further facilitate life and routine around the world. Purchases, payments and transfers can happen in seconds and without leaving your house. It is the future more and more present.